3 of the Best Reasons Why PPC Adwords is So Successful

3 of the Best Reasons Why PPC Adwords is So Successful

Pay-per-click advertising enables businesses to pay a set amount each time an online user clicks on one of their ads. These advertisers place bids based on each click’s perceived value, and the highest bidder appears in the search listings.

This article considers three of the best reasons why PPC AdWords are so successful. However, to better understand these reasons, it’s essential to know more about the fundamentals and processes behind PPC advertising.

Quick Overview of PPC Advertising

PPC advertising deploys across many different platforms. These are the places where advertisers pay to display their ads. Each ad will target a specific search term (keywords), and advertisers will pay for each user who clicks through the ad.

The relevance is the primary concern for PPC ads. In other words, online users are using search terms to find specific services and products, and advertisers can create PPC ads that offer the most relevant solution to these search terms.

Search ads and display ads are the most common type of PPC ads. They appear on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As for the benefits for advertisers that deploy these ads, there are different campaign goals, such as the following:

– Higher quality leads

– More sales

– Improved brand awareness

– Increased authority

Let’s take a closer look at three reasons why PPC AdWords are so successful.

3 of the Best Reasons Why PPC Adwords is So Successful

1. Quick Entry for Gaining Traction

It can often feel like you’re late to the party with marketing, and many aspects of digital marketing take time. For instance, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential, but it will often take content months before it gains traction.

However, PPC ads can produce instant results, and it doesn’t take long to get a campaign up and running. As a result, it’s possible to outperform competitors from the beginning, and PPC agencies are incredibly talented in performance.

Unlike email marketing and organic social media, you don’t need to compile a list of contacts or followers to gain traction. Instead, a PPC campaign will cast a wide net and reach hundreds of thousands of potential customers in minutes.

Developing a strategy does take time and research, which is why most businesses employ a PPC agency to get started. But all these things, along with creating the ad and visuals, are still much faster and more effective than other marketing methods.

PPC ads are not just a short-term option but something that all businesses should include as part of a larger digital marketing strategy. According to Digitalauthority.me, while a PPC campaign can generate an instant return, this income can also be maintained and help bolster the bottom line in the long term.

2. The Range of Targeting Options is Unrivaled

Search engines (Google, etc.) always add new tools and methods for reaching a target audience. It’s essential to know about these to gain traction or even learn how to rank a newly created website on Google. Simply put, these additions enable advertisers to place ads in front of people at the right time.

There are many ways to identify a target audience, and targeting is a pillar of PPC advertising. It can highlight niche products or services and create ultra-focused ads in general for a particular group of people. Without targeting, there would be no clicks and not this many!

PPC agencies also have access to advanced tools, which make this part of the process even easier. For instance, some of these tools can audit competitors and identify the best performing keywords and ads which already exist on the market.

Now, that’s not to say you should seek to be the same as everyone else, but instead that you can often find great success by copying your competitor’s best features!

But what does PPC targeting look like?

Keywords – You likely know about keywords already, as this is the primary targeting method for digital marketing. Advertisers choose keywords that people use and optimize their PPC ads to appear at the top of the rankings for these terms.

Negative Keywords – It’s just as important to identify negative keywords. These are search terms that advertisers would like to exclude from their targeting, and it helps to stop a PPC ad campaign from wasting the budget on low-quality leads.

Display Ads – They may not be as popular these days, but display ad placements still work when done right. These ads appear on specific websites and web pages as decided by the advertiser.

Ad Scheduling – You can also decide what days or times of day to display PPC ads with the help of ad scheduling. That said, to succeed with this one, it’s necessary to research and identify the most optimal times to advertise.

Remarketing – PPC agencies have great success with extracting data from online users and using this data to re-target these users with more ads. This process is often successful because the users are already familiar with the brand, product, etc.

These are just a few of the targeting methods for PPC ads. Agencies often use several methods together to maximize reach and return. Either way, the range of targeting options is another apparent reason why PPC ads are so successful.

3. Tracking Progress and ROI

You cannot improve what you don’t know, and PPC advertising is often a case of trial and error. However, it’s true; even the best agencies use split testing (A/B testing) to spot the best performing ads, and even then, they will continue to track to improve.

Tracking progress is also the best way to protect the budget. Agencies can quickly identify keywords that work and those to discontinue. As a result, this will improve conversion rates over time and reduce the overall cost per acquisition.

Most platforms provide access to a dashboard and critical metrics that help illustrate these ads’ performance. They enable advertisers to track spending and revenue and quickly know every ad’s actual return on investment. A PPC agency provides this information as reporting, usually a monthly breakdown of everything the advertiser wants to know.

There is simply no guesswork with PPC ads and it’s the ideal way for businesses to gain more traffic while minimizing risk. You can know what is working and what is not, and the statistics will often tell the story of what needs to happen next. For businesses who want to maximize returns but protect their finances, PPC ads arguably offer the best risk-to-reward ratio among all types of digital marketing.

But maybe you don’t have the time or are unsure where to begin?

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