10 Best Business Ideas You Can Start in 2022

Business success illustration

The world of business and commerce is evolving at a lightning pace.  Services that no one even dreamed of ten or fifteen years ago are now ubiquitous; most of this innovation has been spurred by the internet.  Online platforms for e-commerce have opened doors previously kept locked by bricks and mortar operations.

One of the most exciting developments has been the emergence of the sharing economy.  Operators here range from humongous – we don’t need to name names here, you know who they are, to the small, local enterprises, which obviously do the most good for society. Take RideAlike for example.  This Toronto based car sharing platform serves a real need while addressing critical societal issues such as the environment, as in: less need for new cars entering onto our roadways, when there are plenty of existing ones parked on driveways all over town. 

Here’s a look at some of the business opportunities that may fit your skill set in 2022.

Translation Service

We are such a multicultural society, with thousands of immigrants entering our country every year.  This means there will be an ongoing need for qualified multilingual people who can translate every manner of document.

Website Flipping

The internet seems to have an absolutely unlimited capacity for websites.  Many of them are in need of upgrading, or they have been neglected, but are up and running.  Website flipping involves acquiring a site, and upgrading its content, and design.  The improvements you make to the site mean it will likely increase in value.  That means you can flip it i.e. sell it, presumably for more than you originally paid.  Several online outlets exist, where you can buy and sell websites, for profit.  If you are internet-savvy, with understanding of concepts such as content marketing and SEO, website flipping may be a money maker for you.

Catering From Your Home

If you just know you have what it takes to create knock-out meals, or sweet tables, or sandwich plates, home-based catering is a potential home-based business for you.  If you already have a well-equipped and versatile kitchen set-up in your home, your start-up costs may be minimal.  The only challenge becomes getting the word out.  That means getting a website up and running, with your offering and all the other details.  Alternatives include engaging with local food markets, etc., to get some exposure for your venture.

Virtual Assistant

All that training and experience you have in office management, accounting, etc. can be put to good use, and generate income, as a virtual assistant.  Once again, the emergence of online business activity means that much of the traditional bricks-and-mortar based office environment can be performed remotely, right from your home, for instance.  Many businesses are in need of organizations skills and office procedural expertise you may possess; and, they’ll be willing to pay for it.  There are quite a few online platforms you can take advantage of, to seek out potential clients, or to post your credentials.  Virtual assistants are a thing right now.

Online or In-home Tutor

Your academic skill set may be the basis for a rewarding business start-up, with little to no overhead required on your part – a tutoring service. No matter what subject you are qualified in, and what level, there are probably clients out there looking for help, for themselves, or for their children.  Of course, you will have to have the chops, a bachelor’s degree probably the entry point.  There are many ways for you to get the word out about your services, from Kijiji and Craigslist, to tutoring websites specifically geared to your type of service.  The adaptability of this type of start-up includes the fact that you can offer your services both in-home and online.

Career Coach

We’ve talked about the evolving economy and marketplace; job hunting is no exception.  It’s a shifting job market, and many job seekers need direction and coaching in their search.  If you have a background in helping others, with a talent for uncovering opportunities which may fit their skill set, a career coaching business is there for the taking.  By doing sessions, either one-one-one or in groups, either in person or online, you can help job seekers determine their best course of action, how to handle themselves in an interview, how to improve their resume and cover letters, and anything else job seeker related.  This is the type of business that you can customize to your personal needs; you can set up a schedule that makes you as busy as you want to be.

Meals to Go

We’ve all seen meal preparation services enter into the mainstream over the last few years.  Similar to the concept of a home-based catering service, aspiring gourmets can also set up a meals-to-go service.  Keep in mind that if it really takes off, you may need to invest in some sort of off-site – i.e. away from home – commercial kitchen set-up.  There are rental kitchens out there which can be shared with other entrepreneurs.  Provide nutritious, trendy meals to your neighbourhood, or your city.

App Developer

Apps are ubiquitous. Just think of how many you have on your phone at the moment.  That’s because just about every web-based business will need one, sooner or later, to allow them further reach into the mobile device universe.  If you are creative and tech savvy, this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to generate income.  Starting this venture is far less expensive than ever, with the growth of various softwares you can use to develop apps on your own.  If you prefer to just dream up the ideas and get someone else to do the tech work, there are also online resources to freelance app developers you can connect with.

Video Producer

There is an enormous, insatiable market for video content in this country, and around the world.  Almost 90% of internet users reportedly watch online video on their device.  It goes without saying there is a vast opportunity for producers of video content, from recording, to editing and cutting, to publishing.  There is some minimal start-up investment, such as lighting equipment, microphones, cameras and lenses, along with video editing software, to make professional looking and sound video content.  The cost of all this type of gear has certainly come down in recent years, as more and more producers and users emerge. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to making, and potentially profiting from original video content you create.

Ride Sharing

Your vehicle, currently sitting in your driveway unused, could be a money maker.  The sharing economy continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and we’ve become familiar with the behemoths out there. But you needn’t become a driver in order to earn income from your car, van or SUV.  Toronto’s RideAlike, for example, a car sharing service covering the GTA, with plans to expand across Ontario, welcomes car owners to list their vehicle with them.  They provide insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance to clients using your vehicle, and you get paid to lend it out.  It’s a great way to earn extra money, from a resource you own, which, much of the time, may just be sitting there.