09 Proven Online Brand Building Activities for Your Business


Starting and building a successful brand in today’s economy is as important as your product or service. Business naming and building a brand is much more than a logo and colour code. If you are running a startup and want to transform it into a reliable brand then go with the following brand building activities. All the activities are organic and can be carried out with less or no budget.

So, here are the 09 digital brand building activities

Brand Name

If you want to build a brand that lasts longer and create a recall value then choose your brand name carefully. Always keep in mind that the brand name should be short and easy to pronounce. If you look back at the most famous brands around the world and you will come to know that all of them have a one-word brand name with an eye-catching logo and a uniform colour code. Check the top 10 brands and why they used that colour in their brand identity.

Brand website

Second most important thing is your website. If you are startups and want to convert your website visitors into customers then build a neat and clean website that speaks with your website visitors and make them help to understand what you serve. It’s an era of internet and no one is going to visit your office or physical store to inquire about your products or service. Your website speaks a lot about your capability, so focus on building a cool website. Your website is a lead generation engine so keep it up to the standard as no one wants to travel on an old age engine.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Be found on search engines. Next thing your customer is going to do is basic research about your brand and to do so he/she may simply search your brand name on Google. If they find your brand name with complete and well-structured detail then this factor will help you to gain their trust. Go hit any famous brand name on Google and find what are the factors make you trust them. It’s all about information because a well-informed mind can only make a better decision. So help your customers to find plenty of information about your brand on the internet.

Email Signature

Cold mailing is the powerful and most commonly used sales and marketing tactics being used in the corporate world. Always keep in mind that a well informed and structured email signature shall help you to gain faith and make them trust you. Do basic research on what email signature most of the executives using from top most companies. Check some email signature in the below-given image. Remember, your email signature is your short bio and speaks a lot about you and your brand. So, be careful while designing your email signature.

Wikipedia Profile

If you have enough press coverage then go and create your Wikipedia profile as it’s one of the biggest trust factors which can help you to build a renowned brand. Having a wiki page makes your brand stand apart from your competitors. People trust wiki content than any other content websites. Having a Wiki profile can play an important role in your brand building and, absolutely it helps your sales team to close high ticket sales. On the internet, words from Wikipedia means words from God. No one doubts on the content written on Wikipedia as its fact check and verified by other contributors.

Social Profiles

Check your social handles whether they are being updated, as everyone is one social media and may check your social handles and reviews on it. Keep your handles neat, clean and updated. Respond to the reviews and comments on social handles as it keeps you safe side, no matter reviews are positive or negative. Leaving reviews unanswered, can kill your brand and marketing efforts. No one would like to go with a company which doesn’t respond to their customers. Everyone knows that 100% customer satisfaction is not possible but they expect a company to be answerable to their customer’s query.

Get Featured in News

Press and news coverage is the tried and tested brand building activities which can help you to build brand recognition. Let people know about your brand and achievement through PR and media coverage. Higher the brand visibility higher the trust factor is and higher the trust factor leads to higher sales rate. “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations.” You must have read or heard this famous quote from a technology leader Bill Gates, so no scope of doubt on his words. He is also the founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and you can study their stock holdings and strategies to see how they manage the finances. So, what are you waiting for? Go and schedule a call with your PR agency.

Guest Contribution

You can start contributing your blogs on reputed news and blog sites. If you are not contributing to any authority sites then start writing and contributing your write-ups on high authority website to boost your brand visibility. Guest contribution gives an identity and recognition to you and your brand if your content gets viral. One viral article can give you millions of eyeballs without spending a single penny on advertising. So what are you waiting for? Pull your lappy and start writing on what you think you are the master in.

Get Reviewed

People want to ensure that they are going to deal with a brand with a good reputation and reviews. They will check your brand reviews on review sites, social handles and on your website. Create your brand profile on review sites like trustpilot.com and ask your loyal customers to put some positive reviews about your brand. Good reviews increase the chances of sales closure by 50%.