10 Best Security Gadgets for Your Vehicle


Today, thieves are targeting popular cars since it is easy to break them into parts. Thus, as car theft increases, vehicle owners are taking measures to ensure their vehicles are safe. 

No wonder vehicle buyers opt to do license plate lookup for used vehicles. To do this, visit VinPit here to establish if the vehicle you are interested in has been stolen.  

Although vehicle thieves are getting smarter, vehicle security gadgets are getting better at deterring them. Below are the 10 best security gadgets for your vehicles. Read on to find out more about these gadgets. 

1. Gear Lock

Even though breaking into cars is considerably easy, breaking a gear lock to drive away is not easy. Thus, having a gear lock provides a good deterrent to vehicle theft. After seeing the gear lock most thieves may just walk away opting for easier vehicles to steal. 

2. Pedal lock 

Compared to the gear lock, a pedal lock is concealed. So, once a thief breaks into your vehicle, they will be surprised by the pedal lock. It is a nasty surprise for a thief. 

3. GPS device 

Installing a GPS device in your car makes it easy to track it when it goes missing. If everything else hasn’t worked, a GPS tracker is your last line of defense for retrieving a stolen vehicle. 

When you act fast, you are likely to catch the thief and recover your vehicle unscathed. Usually, the devices are easy to install since you can install them in the vehicle’s OBD-II port and track them using a mobile app. 

However, you will have to choose a data plan to support the GPS features. Some even include telematics to track vehicle mileage and your driving habits. 

4. Steering lock

Putting on and taking off steering wheel locks is easy. The steering lock works by locking the steering wheel making it immobile. A steering wheel lock is a large and visible device that would deter would-be car thieves. 

The device makes it tough to drive off the vehicle without attracting attention. Look for a strong metal steering wheel lock that fits your car. Various companies even offer guarantees if the vehicle is stolen by reimbursing the owner’s insurance deductible to a set amount. 

5. Tire & Rim locks 

The tire and rim locks work by locking the outside of the wheel to prevent wheels from turning making it hard to drive away. Since the gadgets can be cumbersome to carry around, they are perfect for vehicles parked for a long time. 

The gadgets are available in various sizes, making them handy for different vehicles including RVs, lawnmowers, and trailers. 

6. Car part protection

If in your neighborhood, theft of car parts is common, targeted layers of security can give you peace of mind. For instance, hood locks protect the engine as well as other parts beneath the hood. 

There are universal hood lock kits. However, with the differences in hood latching mechanisms from manufacturers, you will be better off with a model for your car. Also, you can install a catalytic converter lock that comes with uncuttable wire. 

7. Vehicle alarms

If your vehicle alarm is broken or non-existent, getting an aftermarket alarm is a good way to thwart thieves. Besides increasing vehicle security, the latest alarms provide a convenient feature such as remote vehicle start. 

What’s more, depending on your policy, your vehicle insurance provider may give you discounts for better protection. However, it will require professional installation. 

8. Kill switches 

A kill switch in vehicles is a device that interferes with the operations of the ignition system. It prevents hot wiring, a technique of tampering with the vehicle’s electrical system to make it possible to operate without a key. 

Kill switches are not for everyone since installing them changes how the vehicle operates. For instance, it bypasses the ignition rendering the key use useless. Instead, you have to use a remote, button, or smartphone app.

9. Folding parking barrier 

A folding parking barrier is an effective device that folds to the ground when not in use and acts as a barrier when in use. It is best used when the vehicle is parked with an obstacle behind it. 

In case that is not possible, consider buying several parking posts to block the vehicle from the rear and front. 

10. Anti-theft alloy wheel lock nuts 

Theft of alloy wheel is a common occurrence. However, you can secure your alloy wheels using anti-theft nuts. These make it difficult to remove the wheels without the proper tool. 


Today, vehicle owners have a multitude of gadgets for securing their vehicles. These range from high-tech GPS trackers to simple folding parking barriers. In this post, you have learned about the best gadgets to secure your vehicle. 

Depending on what you need to secure your vehicle, you can easily find a solution. These solutions let you secure the entire vehicle or its parts.