How To Rank Your Newly Created Website On Google?

How To Rank Your Newly Created Website On Google

According to statistics, currently, there are 1.18 billion websites in the world, but only 17% of these sites are active. Yet, whenever a person searches about a certain product, service, or topic, they majorly find well-known brands, magazines, or newsletters ranking higher on the search engine, namely Google. What are the possible reasons behind this?

Generally, the websites or web pages that have helpful information, relevant keywords, and high-quality backlinks, rank on Google. Apart from this, there are several other factors that influence page ranking. If you wish to rank your site, especially a newly created website, you must learn about these factors.

But, you need not worry; in this blog post, we’ll discuss a few ways you’ll rank your site on search engines.

Focus On Link Building

Understand that search engines crawlers navigate through links (also known as hyperlinks). It has a direct relation with the search traffic your site will receive. To put it simply, high-quality links will help attract more search and referral traffic, resulting in a better readership. It will indicate that the content you provide to the users is informative and valuable.

That’s why you should consider connecting with other websites or bloggers to build quality backlinks. Not to forget, link exchange using anchor text gives you control over the link profile. On average, 4 or 5 out of every ten organic Google rankings enjoy the benefit of this strategy, so you should also give it a try.

Improve Your Outreach

Another thing that you must try is improving your outreach. Connecting with as many bloggers and websites of your industry or niche is important in the digital world as well. It helps increase the chances of getting high-quality links and drives more referral and organic traffic to elevate revenue. Perhaps, it would not be wrong to say that link-building and outreach go hand-in-hand.

Combining these two strategies and using the latest tools for the same purpose can help accomplish great results. In fact, you can read more by visiting the given link to learn the latest outreach tools. Staying up to date with the recent trends will also help get an overview of formulating an outreach strategy.

Understand Target Audience’s Search Intent

Search intent or user intent is the trending buzzword in the SEO world. It means to modify or provide high-quality content based on what your target audience or end-user wants. In simple terms, you need to understand what your target audience is looking for and provide the same. Thorough marketing research and learning about consumer behavior patterns are crucial here.

It will help provide the product, service, and content based on users’ demands. It will attract more organic traffic to your site and elevate its ranking of SERPs. Using the right keywords and providing to-the-point information will help implore conversion rate and align with search intent.

To Sum It All U

Ranking your newly created website on Google requires consistent efforts. Focus on creating and implementing effective strategies, and connect with more bloggers or websites to reap mutual benefits. It will help drive referral traffic and make it easier for you to improve your ranking.