Tech Devices to Help You During the Pandemic


The use of tech tools is growing in popularity. These includeproductivity software, collaborative robots (aka cobots), instant messaging applications, and AI. help companies and employees keep safe throughout the pandemic.

Although the use of face masks and traditional cleaning has proven to help prevent the spread of the virus, many are still looking for other ways to increase their defenses as other variants begin to emerge.

We have listed four tech devices that will maximize your protection againstCoronavirus whether you’re working remotely or traveling to work daily.

UVC Lights and Lamps

The FDA suggests that the use of ultraviolet-C (UVC) light is one of the most effective ways in reducing germs and bacteria on surfaces, air, and objects.

UVC radiation can disinfect open spaces, water, nonporous surfaces, and can reduce the spread of most viruses.

It’s worth noting that it has its limitations. For example, the virus has to have direct exposure to radiation coming from the device. Also, many cheap UVC lamps sold for home use tend to have a low dose. In such cases, you would want to expose the area longer to effectively kill the virus.

Make sure that you’re getting a UVC lamp since UVB or UVA radiation is said to be less effective at inactivating the Covid-19 virus.

Air Purifiers

Air cleaners or air purifiers can help reduce airborne viruses in a home. They’re made to filter particles and pollutants out of the air that goes through the filtration system, therefore, reducing airborne particles that might be contaminated by the virus before they settle on surfaces.

Note that it’s not recommended to solely rely on an air filter to eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Here are some factors that you should look for to make sure that your air cleaner is effective in killing the virus.

  • The air cleaner should be able to remove small particles in the size range of 0.1-1um.
  • Choose a unit that’s the correct size for the space you’re going to use it in.
  • Choose a unit that has a high Clean Air Delivery Rating (CADR) for smoke (instead of just pollen or dust.)

Smart Electrostatic Sprayer

While person-to-person contact and airborne transmission can occur in more enclosed spaces, disinfecting surfaces and objects remains to be key in protecting yourself and those around you.

However, some surface areas are easy to miss or hard to reach. Think about tables, chairs, or railings. This is where e-sprays or electronic sprayers come in.

The traditional sprays tend to just reach the target object or the portion that’s mainly visible to the eyes. Then, the rest of the liquid sprayed will fall to the floor or float elsewhere.

Electrostatically sprayed liquid tends to wrap around the object so that it coats the entire object instead of just the area that’s in the sprayer’s line of sight.

There are more advanced electrostatic sprayers and vaporizers that can only be used by trained professionals. However, for you to get the right one for your facility or your home, make sure that you do proper research or talk to sales representatives of the brand.

Utensil UV Sterilizer

Your home and pantry are some places where you should feel safe. However, the pandemic has made it so that we now have to take precautionary measures wherever we go.

Sterilizing kitchenware and utensils makes sure that any form of bacteria, spores, virus, or fungi are killed. Although boiling water is effective in killing viruses, make sure that there’s no risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

Aside from alcohol or bleach, you can use UV light to make sure that your utensils are sterilized.

Ultraviolet light works by crosslinking proteins and DNA inside cells, viruses, and other molecules, which then causes damage that leads to the elimination of viruses.

Note that you shouldn’t expose your skin directly to UV as it will cause burns and can even lead to cancer as a result of DNA mutations.

Increase Your Protection with the Right Tech

Cleaning regularly with traditional household cleaner, bleach, or detergent is important to reduce the number of germs and decrease the risk of catching the virus. With the emergence of the Delta variant which is reported to be more infectious and more transmissible compared to other variants, we have to triple our efforts.

Though there are establishments that help humanity fight against Covid-19, thus the emergence of more effective vaccines, we still have a long way to go. Even vaccinated individuals have to take extra measures when it comes to protecting themselves from the virus.

Always read on ways you can protect yourself and others. Make sure that you follow the proper guidelines and equip yourself with one or two of the items listed above. Nothing is guaranteed, but it helps to double or triple the protection for yourself and others.