Features of Field Service Software That Drives Efficiency and Speed


Imagine a scene where you just arrived at your office and saw a huge bundle of papers right in the middle of your desk. You thumb through the papers to find out that each of them is full of details about the job schedule complaints, work orders, and whatnot. You realize that you have to deal with each of these issues and solve them all at the same time. Nightmare.Right? Not so much, if you use Fields service Lightning, an exceptional field service lightning service report software.

Also known as the field workforce management software, the Field Services Lightning software is one of a kind. It is an all-rounder solution that helps you to manage every aspect of fieldwork from a central interface.

The software brings all the data at a single place. This simple feature helps you to create different schedules, check the history of the services and analyse the overall performance of your company all from a single place. This software can also be used as one of the most sophisticated communication tools that helps you to stay connected with the people working on the field seamlessly.

To manage all these tasks without any hassle, the software is equipped with some outstanding features. Check the following section of this article to have in-depth knowledge about the features of the software.

 Creates work Orders Fast

This software helps you to create work orders for any projects without any difficulties. It enables you to check the knowledgeable articles about the subject and read the SLA compliance that comes with milestones before finalizing the work order for the field service operations.

As field service lightning service report software is integrated with the contacts, accounts, cases, entitlements and assets; it enables you to pull the necessary data and use it while creating the sales orders. Overall, this software makes the entire process faster, easier and better.

Optimize job Scheduling

One can use this software to book services appointments that are based on the truth rather than assumptions. The software books the appointments with the members of the customer community and service consoles. The intelligent scheduling system of the software helps you to schedule the work automatically to the right resources depending on their skill, location, time, and other necessary facts and figures.

The smart system also takes into account the business rules to improve the productivity of the resources. This system not only tracks the human resources but also the pieces of equipment and trucks that are necessary to keep the onsite work running without any hitch.

Manage Jobs Easily with Mobile devices

This intelligent software is mobile friendly. That means you can just download the application to any of your mobile devices, and you will be able to manage your mobile workforce working onsite.

This smartfield service lightning service reportsoftware not only helps you in job scheduling but also gives you an insight into the van inventories and stocks. The uber-cool system helps you to collaborate with your mobile workforce even when they are on the move. The system does not depend on cell phone connectivity. That means you get to stay in touch with every one of the members of your workforce all the while.

Einstein AI

As this smart system uses Einstein AI, you can use it to enhance the first time fix rate of your organization. Your resource on the worksite can use the visual recognition system known as Einstein vision, for identifying the parts and assets using images.

In this way, this smart system helps you to make sure that the right part of the products is replaced or fixed. This simple yet smart solution helps you to avert confusions and makes sure that your mobile workforce does not need to take multiple trips back to the office.

Using this image recognition system of this software, you can easily classify the parts of the products and prescribe the right one that is suitable for the system. You can also prescribe the right steps to the technicians so that they can offer smarter and faster service to the customers.

Appointment Booking - Field Service Lightning

Smarter and Better decisions

The field service lightning service report ensures that the dispatchers and managers of your company have clear visibility into the real-time operational performance of your mobile resources and related KPIs. Use all the data generated by this smart system to sense and avoid the problems even before they take place. The above list certainly does not depict all the happening features of the smart field service lightning service report management software. So, while choosing the software for your company, you have to make sure that the system you purchase has the features that are necessary for your business.