Must-Have Features for Schooling Mobile App


When it comes to the modern education system, technology is playing a crucial role in nearly all aspects of our education system. We have robots and AI in our classrooms to teach our kids where educators are using technology to run their educational institutions. Technology has not just eased the life of students and educators but also proved to be helpful for parents. 

If you are running an educational institution and planning to build apps to run and manage your school/university effectively, it’s worth giving a read to the following features for your schooling apps. Before you decide on building a schooling app, let’s have a look at what kind of schooling apps do you need to run an educational institution.

Types of schooling apps

Student’s App: This app is one of the most crucial apps in your school management apps. This app is built for students where they can find all their study materials, academic calendars, assignments, and more.  

Parent’s App: Parent’s app is one of the most important apps when you plan to transform your educational institution digitally. This app gives parents easy access to the information they need. Parents can keep eyes on their child’s record, activities, track performance and attendance via this app.

Teacher’s App: This one is essential for your school management system. This app helps teachers to stay connected with students and parents. 

Driver’s App: Driver app helps an admin to keep track of the drivers and busses carrying students to the campus. Just by signing in, drivers can alert the admin about their location.

Admin App: Admin app or admin panel works as a backend of your entire school management system that gives you control to all the apps and activities in your system.

Features for student’s app

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  • Easy registration: This app feature lets students sign-in using their unique ID. 
  • Chat: It’s not essential but could be an addon to the app if you facilitate your students to chat with their teachers. 
  • Academic Calendar: This feature is essential for student’s app as it gives them access to their academic calendar.
  • Assignments: Assignment features allows students to see their day to day assignments and submit their assignments back. 
  • Study material: It’s an essential tool where students can access to study materials like e-books and video tutorials.

Features for teacher’s app

  • Easy registration: This app feature allows teachers to log in to the app using their ID code. 
  • Chat: Communication is the key to solve any problem and a chat messenger is an easy way to communicate with each other. This feature allows teachers to communicate with students and parents. 
  • Academic Calendar: Teachers can easily add and edit to the academic calendar and keep it updated.
  • Assignments: This app feature allows teachers to assign a day to day activities and assignments to the students. This assignments get reflected in student’s and parent’s apps.
  • Study material: This is an essential tool for teachers where they can upload videos, e-book, or any other educational graphics that can be accessed by students from their apps.

Features for parent’s app

  • Easy registration: Like any other app, easy registration is one of the must-have features for the parent’s app.
  • In-app payment: This app feature becomes crucial when it comes to paying a tuition fee. In-app payment makes it easy and fast.  
  • Chat: This feature allows parents to quickly connect with teachers. This in-app chat platform works similarly to any other messaging app available in the market.
  • Academic Calendar: Lets parents view their kid’s academic calendars and current progress with the same.
  • Kids Assignment: This app feature allows parents to view their kid’s daily assignments. 
  • Location Tracking: Security comes first when it comes to your kids. This feature allows parents to track their kid’s current locations. 

Features for driver’s app

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  • Easy registration: Registration feature allows a driver to log in to the app using their unique ID code.
  • Chat: This feature is essential as it facilitates a driver to connect to school management.
  • Status: This feature allows bus/taxi drivers to set their status on or off. This status gets reflected in parent’s and admin apps where they can track the driver’s live location.
  • Report breakdown: This feature allows a driver to report a breakdown to school management. This status gets reflected in parent’s app so that they are aware about the situation. 

Features for admin app

  • Easy registration: It’s the gateway to your school management system. Just by signing in, you can access to your dashboard.
  • Manage Teachers: This app feature lets you add, edit and delete teachers to your school management system.
  • Fee collection: The online fee collection is yet another important feature that educators should seek in a school management app.
  • Notifications: Notification feature allows you to send notifications on all the apps. Educators can use this feature to circulate organisation-wide messages.
  • Academic Calendar: An administrator can add, edit or delete items to the academic calendar.
  • Bus management: This app feature gives access to many other sub-features like adding buses and drivers to the system. Removing the existing drivers or buses and so on. 
  • Manage students: This is an essential feature when it comes to student management. This feature allows administrators to add, edit, or delete students to the system.
  • Reports: Gives access to the hundreds of reports – from student attendance to fee collection and more.
  • Analytics: Analytics is considered to be most important for the growth of any business organisations. Get information and school-wide data on your fingertips in beautiful graphs and charts. 

Why should educators invest in a custom school management system when there are plenty of free school apps already available? And, the answer is the custom app requirement and data security. The customised apps for education make it easy for teachers, parents, and students to collaborate on one single platform to communicate.

When going for a custom school management system, one needs to go through deep research before start developing schooling apps. If you are planning to build one, let us help you build your 21st-century schooling apps.