KlearStack Review: Uses, Features, and Benefits 2024

KlearStack Review

KlearStack is an AI-powered intelligent document processing software that automates the processing of documents for businesses. It uses machine learning, OCR (Optical character recognition),  predictive analysis, natural language processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence to scan documents and extract and process data accurately. 

It works with several document types, including invoices, insurance policies, credit cards, ID cards, purchase orders, receipts, delivery notes, bills of lading, loan notices, and more. It eases the task of manual entry and data management. 

This blog will explore the tool Klearstack, its uses, features, benefits, and more. 

Use Case of Klearstack, A Document Processing Software 

Klearstack is used for multiple purposes. It helps 

  • Automate the data extraction process 
  • Manage the data in an organized place
  • Eliminate the manual data extraction process
  • Fasten up the data extraction
  • And make the extraction error-free 

Multiple features of Klearstack make the data extraction process convenient and become a significant software for:

  • Supply Chain Management Company 
  • Fintech, banking, insurance company 
  • Healthtech 
  • Manufacturing Units 
  • Colleges 
  • Operation departments 
  • & more  

Key Features of KlearStack

There are several features of Klearstack. Here are some of the significant features of the tool:  

1. Pre-trained document models 

Klearstack has pre-trained data models for multiple document types, including airway bills, invoices, receipts, US passports, OMR sheets, purchase orders, India passports, and transport bills. These pre-trained models extract significant data from your uploaded documents and organize them in a predefined format. 

2. Custom model creation 

In Klearstack, you can also create custom models for your document types if it isn’t included in the above list or if you want to train the software as per your requirements. The training process with Klearstack is easy. 

3. Templates document processing 

Klearstack supports a template-less document process, which means you can process any document without requiring pre-trained models or custom model creation. 

4. Self-learning & Generative AI

Klearstack is equipped with self-learning and generative artificial intelligence, ensuring the software enhances its service and accuracy over time. Klearstack is claimed to offer 99% accuracy.  

5. Integration to Any APIs

Klearstack is designed in such a way that it integrates with any APIs. With the tool, you can connect your existing software and platform to simultaneously manage the document process, data management, and other activities. 

Benefits of Using Klearstack Intelligent Document Processing

1. High Accuracy 

Manual document processing is prone to human error. Using tools such as Klearstack offers you the highest accuracy, up to 99%. With time and training, this accuracy can be enhanced. 

2. Fast Processing

Klearstack document processing software empowers businesses by speeding up the processing time. It increases operation efficiency for businesses by up to 500%. The fast document process eliminates delays in invoice processing, benefiting the business for the long run. 

3. 24*7 Support 

One of the major benefits of using Klearstack is that you can get help for your business and technical requirements anytime. You can connect with document processing experts through calls and emails. 

4. Multilingual Support

Klearstack works in multiple languages, easing document processing for businesses operating in different regions and countries. It’s a highly beneficial tool for international or cross-border business. 

5. Cost savings 

By using Klearstack document processing software, you can save up to  80% on costs. It eliminates manual document processing methods and leverages modern tools and technologies. 

How does Klearstack Document Processing Work?

Document processing in Klearstack works in 6 stages that covers from document preprocessing to integration. 

Stage 1: Document Pre-Processing 

Document preprocessing is the first stage in which the tool scans the document through OCR and machine learning algorithms. In this stage, the tool evaluates the document’s quality and enhances it if required. However, if the document is of poor quality, the pre-processing will reject the document. This is a crucial stage that ensures high-quality data extraction.

Stage 2: Document Classification

This is the second stage in which the Klearstack software classifies the document according to its type: invoice, receipt, purchase order, bill of lading, proforma invoice, credit notes, ID Card, etc. Natural processing language and computer vision identify document types by evaluating its pattern and information. 

Stage 3: Data Extraction 

It’s the crucial stage when data extraction takes place. Here, the tool identifies and extracts valuable data. OCR software recognizes the symbol and character of the document, and machine learning extracts data from specific fields, regardless of the layout. 

Stage 4: Data validation 

Once the data is extracted, it’s time to check and validate them. The artificial intelligence of the tool verifies the data as per the input it received over time. However, this stage also highlights some information that the tool finds certain errors or requires minor human intervention. You can edit the information if the tool has made any mistake and approve it if it’s correct. 

Step 5: Data Processing 

Now, when the data is cross-checked, Klearstack processes the document. You can view the processed data on the dashboard, incorporated in a single place. Here, you can also view successfully processed and failed documents. You can consider the document manually and speed up the process. 

Step 6: Integration 

To organize all the data and make it accessible for your business, Klearstack allows easy integration with open Restful APIs. You can integrate the software with your preferred APIs and leverage the tool for your business. 


Klearstack is a pioneer in data extraction solutions for businesses.  The tool facilitates data extraction from printed and digital documents, easing the process for businesses, financial institutions, and other industries dealing with bulk data. It eases the process, reduces the cost, and enhances the operation efficiency.  

The software has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use and operate. You just need to log in to the tool and start the document processing. However, the tool has only premium versions. You can schedule a demo using the document processing software Klearstack to learn more about the tool. 

If you find it suitable for your business, you can buy its premium version and organize the process of document processing. Klearstack pricing is cost-efficient for companies that rely on data.