How to Create a Startup Website Without Coding Knowledge

How to create a startup website

Online presence is incomplete without having a proper website. For a startup, it is even more important to make a noise in the market. And if your startup is based on a digital product or service, then having a website is not a luxury rather a necessity. Then again, many start to think twice before taking a step towards creating their own website. Understanding coding, hosting, domain etc. is not easy for everyone. With that thought, we have prepared a basic introduction on how to create a startup website without coding knowledge. Yes, you read it right! You can have your own stunning website without writing a single line of codes. Let’s dig into the details, shall we?

How to Get Started?

The very first thing you need to do is get a domain. In simpler words, domain is the identity of your website. It will be the address where your website will be live, for example: or facebook,com. Getting yourself a domain is super easy if you know where to look for. You can purchase domains from many domain providers, for example:, namecheap, namesilo etc. You can simply search your desired domain and purchase it based on availablity.

After getting a domain of your desire, now it is the time to get yourself a hosting. In simpler words, hosting will store, save and manage your contents that are uploaded in your website. Similar to domains, you can purchase hosting from hosting providers. Hosting plans come with many features and options. You can pick hosting any based on your requirement. Websites like bluehost. Godaddy, Dreamhost, Wix etc can be used to get yourself a hosting.

Once you are set with domain and hosting, it is now time to create your website without writing a single line of code.

In order to get started with your website, the one thing that you must need is WordPress. WordPress is a free tool that allows you to custommade your website very easily. WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) that makes the process of creating your website super easy without using any code or programming. With page builders, and plugins you can enjoy countless features through WordPress. You can have a state of the art website for your startup with the help of WordPress.

If you complete the following steps, you can have a website ready without any coding

  1. Install WordPress in your website
  2. Pick a theme meeting your expectations
  3. Import from the included demo or
  4. Design your website with built in page builders
  5. Add on required plugins to your website
  6. Customize your website and launch it

These are the steps you need to take to have your website in no time without having coding language. Install WordPress on your website

Majority of the hosting providers have a built in option to install WordPress on your website. To install WordPress on your website simply access your hosting and install WordPress on your website in a few clicks.

Pick a WordPress theme

WordPress offers an array of free themes that you can pick from. Each theme comes with versatile features and options. You can pick any theme that meets your requirements and expectations. Apart from free themes on WordPress, you can  also purchase premium themes from websites like themeforest. Premium themes come with additional features and options that can cater your needs better. You can purchase themes from these websites and get one step closer to have your website ready in no time.

However, you need to ensure the theme has a built in page builder. In simpler words, page builder is an option within the website that allows you to customize and design your website as per your preference. Few notable page builders are Elementor page builder, WPBakery, Visual Composer Website Builder, beaver builder, Divi builder and many more. A page builder integrated WordPress theme will make it easy for you to design your website without any hassle.

Pro tip:

  • Check the rating and review of a WordPress theme before purchasing
  • Go through the features and options
  • Make sure you pick a theme that has good built in demos

Easily Import from Demo

Majority of the WordPress themes come with built in demos. These demos are the premade interface and layouts that you can use to get started with your website. When you are finalizing  the WordPress theme, have a look at the variations of demos. Get an idea if these demos are matching with your creative style. So, if you see a good enough demo to get started with, you can easily import the demo in a few clicks and have your website ready in no time.

Pro tip:

  • To install a demo properly, follow the instructions on the documentation that comes with the theme
  • Pick the demo that matches the most with your expectations

Design your website with page builders

If you pick a theme that has a page builder built in, your task will become very easy. With the help of these page builders you can navigate through the website and customize as you may. Majority of the page builders are super easy to understand. With drag and drop enabled page builders, it will get easier for you to design your page. This option is a lifesaver for non technical persons. In addition, it can help you easily integrate built in features of a website in a very short time. Having a page builder also makes it easy to edit websites in the near future.The page builders will help you to create a startup website without coding knowledge.

Pro tip:

  • Ensure your WordPress theme has a good quality page builder
  • Keep an eye out for easy page builders
  • Elementor, WPBakery etc, are emerging and easy page builders

Add Plugins to Your Website

Plugins are blessings for WordPress themes. With the help of varieties of plugins you can uplift the quality of your website. WordPress has many free plugins available that you can use. Along with that, there are developers who create premium versions of plugins as well. You can easily set up these plugins in your WordPress themes and enjoy the features. Plugins can give you a wide array of features. It can turn your website into an e-commerce website, give better design options to your website, make your website faster, help in creating SEO optimized contents, enable social sharing options and what not. We recommend using an assortment of plugins that cater to the diversified needs of a website.

Pro tips:

  • Check on active installations and rating to understand plugins quality
  • Use premium plugins if you have more requirements
  • Do not forget to update your plugins after awhile


Final Customization and Launching

After you have designed the website with page builders, added necessary plugins, now it is time for some final tweaking and getting your website live. In the final customization make sure you have done the following:

  • Change dummy content with unique content about your website
  • Ensure the social media links are customized and updated
  • Make sure you have added your identity to the website i.e. logo, site identity, copyright etc.
  • Provide essential site information

If you ensure doing these basic customization and other necessary edits, then your website is ready to go live. And guess what? We did not write a single line of code!

These are the steps you need to take to create a startup website without coding knowledge.