15 Reasons Why You Should Consider WordPress Web Development


WordPress records had been the fastest ascending analysis as far as blogging is considered. This popular CMS, primarily designed for blogging, is now the platform for thousands of large and small global websites with some of the highest reaches. WordPress web development has all the capability to power them all.

WordPress is a chief name among the numerous content management systems available around and looking in to attain flexibility and customizability. WordPress had been the most appropriate choices available for users seeking opportunities with adequate, outstanding abilities for business scaling, extensibility, and overwhelming flexibility. Probably, this is all you may need to let it all move smoothly.

After the long years of start, WordPress has made up its place as one of the most dominant open source platforms for web development. Being a ubiquitous blogging platform, it is available as one of the most appropriate choices for web development. Yet there may be many who have various doubts about its reliability.

15 Reasons to consider WordPress Web Development

There could certainly be numerous interrogations against the choice of WordPress as the CMS of your new website. Why is it perfect for you? Well, the answers to all those are below here:

1.    Easy to handle

WordPress is absolutely easy to understand and use. Even if there is a professional programmer or a web development company to assist you with the processes, you would still end up with a professional looking website very easily. In order to make the best out of it, you do not really need to know everything about content management systems.

Especially, in terms of administration, WordPress has been well recognized for the significant ease it provides. With the intuitive administration and plugins, you will be able to learn to manage it perfectly for the best outcomes. You can do things absolutely well without being dependent on anyone.

2.    Customizable Themes

Themes allow implementing quick changes in the website design. There are numerous dynamic WordPress Themes that would make your website look attractive and fresh. It avails you with all the stuff that is necessary to make a website highly useful and more robust.

Various companies and web development enthusiast had come together to present an ample collection of customizable themes on the platform. These WordPress themes can be downloaded as per your choice and convenience to formulate the perfect functional, fresh appearance of the website that you’ve had thought about.

3.    Search Engine Optimization

Though WordPress has not been built initially to be SEO friendly, there are different ways through which you can fix this issue yourself. There are numerous efficient SEO extensions and plugins that can be used with extreme ease to enhance the website’s performance on the SEO horizons.

All these tools are effective and easy to use. This would include constant simple codes that make the website appropriate for Google indexing. These make the pages easily customizable and improve their ranking on search engines.

4.    Plugins for extended functionalities

As you would already know, there are millions of plugins that could be used on WordPress to attain the functionality you require for your website. You can certainly do anything like track the metrics for your website, turn in into an online store, integrate social media or do a podcast. There would hardly be any function for which you do not have a WordPress plugin to implement. Customizing your website is therefore just a matter of few clicks.

5.    Community Support

Stronger community support could be one of the most apparent reasons to select it for web development. A thriving, engaged community is known to support the platform and this is certainly a positive point in is share. There is a large percentage share for WordPress websites on the Internet. It is quite factual that more users would be comfortable with using a website developed on WordPress.

6.    Ready-to-go blogging

There excellent built-in and extremely easy to handle blogging capabilities on WordPress, in fact, this was the original motive for creating the platform. You can easily add your recent blog posts to other pages of your website. Email subscription and comment capabilities can be set up on your websites. This way you can make your site more dynamic and highly attractive.

7.    Complete control over your site

When your website is built over WordPress, you can establish complete control over it. You will need very little, in fact, no support from any programmers or Web Development Company to manage and run your WordPress based website. You will not need for the action of your web designer to introduce even the slightest changes to your website. With WordPress, you can control almost every aspect of your website.

8.    WordPress Websites are preferred more by search engines

Almost all WordPress websites present well-structured content and are updated frequently. This is something perfect to help them attain meaningful ranking on various search engines, specifically Google.

Also, in comparison to a static website, these websites react faster in case of rankings. This could be an important point to attain an edge over your competitors.

9.    Regular Updates

Bring an open source development platform, WordPress avails you with abundant opportunities for modification. Unlike any other sophisticated platforms, you can easily introduce change and new functionalities on a WordPress based website. You can smoothly incorporate the plugins to bring up the required change in functionality.

10.    No need for Coding

WordPress is a self-contained system and managing it, does not require any specialized knowledge of any FTP software or HTML editing. Uploading images, creating a new blog post, editing, formatting text, uploading documents or video files, everything is absolutely easy.

11.    Built-in Spam Protection

Your website is visited not only by genuine visitors but also spammers. These spammers could come up as a serious issue, however, with WordPress Development you are not required to worry about it. There are robust, short, anti-spam filters called Akismet. It also has an open proxy checker and an integrated blacklist which will automatically quarantine spam comments on your website. For a more safe proxy service, see The Pirate Bay platform.

12.    A Multilingual Platform

Even if you aren’t a native English speaker, there is nothing to worry about. With the help of the WordPress translation team, it has been translated into 169 different languages. There are different plugins that allow the use of translated versions. Using these plugins, you can also create a multilingual website.

13.    Scheduled Posting

Using WordPress allows you to schedule the things to be published. This way, you would be able to write all your content at once and schedule it to be posted at different times in a day or on different days.  This is something great when visitors to your website are more frequent during a certain block of time.

14.    An all-time feasible solution

Apart from the fact that it’s a free CMS, there are a lot of elements that make WordPress one of the most affordable solutions for web development. There are not many things to be done as extras along with the WordPress features. Therefore, you will not be needed to spend much on personalizing it.

15.    Multiuser Capability

When handling WordPress based websites, you can easily assign different access roles to different people. This is helpful when you are not handling the website individually. The WordPress dashboard, however, looks the same even on different platforms. There are many more points that could be mentioned with respect to the same