Cloud Vs VPS Hosting: What To Choose?


Building a website is always an adventurous thing. However, developing a website is not that much easy as many thinks, it requires a lot of determination and technical knowledge. In addition, you need to be aware of the hosting types and features of each hosting types. Once you learn about the features of available hosting types, you can host your site on a suitable server and witnesses’ better performance of your site.

Often site owners and webmasters who develop a site got confused on picking cloud or VPS hosting for their site. Though it upon the site requirements, still people confused among those two hosting by considering the price factor.

Here in this article, we discuss the Cloud and VPS hosting and briefed which one is better.  

Overview of Cloud and VPS Hosting 

  • Cloud Hosting: It is the most preferred type of hosting among several webmasters around the world. In this type of hosting, your site hosted on the cloud-computing platform and can access on the internet upon on-demand basis.
  • VPS Hosting: Literally known as Virtual Private Servers and in this type of hosting the server will be located in a physical machine. Through Virtualization technology, the physical layer of the host server separated into multiple compartments to host multiple sites at a time.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Cloud hosting offers top-notch web hosting solutions the websites.
  • Cloud hosting capable of handling high traffic websites
  • The hosting services offered by cloud servers are highly reliable
  • Server resources can be accessed unlimitedly by the hosted sites in cloud hosting
  • Cloud hosting can be easily extensible, flexible and scalable

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • VPS hosting offers complete freedom to the webmasters and site owners to access host server and to make server customization according to the hosting sites.
  • VPS hosting is effective and hosted sites have their own amount of server resources, which are isolated from other sites hosted in the same physical server.
  • When it comes to security features, VPS hosting outstands all other hosting types and equals with the dedicated server level. All the files hosted in VPS server are inaccessible to other clients hosted their sites in the same physical server.

Cloud or VPS? What to Choose?

Often site owners get confused while differentiating the technical difference between the Cloud and VPS hosting. In fact, in the hosting industry understanding the differences between cloud hosting and VPS hosting is the most common buzz for the recent past.

Here are the lists of factors that differentiate the Cloud hosting and VPS hosting and gives you clear thoughts while picking appropriate hosting for your site.

1. Scalability: It is the biggest difference between the two hosting types. When compared with VPS hosting, Cloud hosting posses high scalability. However, if you want to launch your site quickly, then opting VPS would be the better option.

2. Flexibility: If you looking for the server with the more flexible hosting option, then choosing the cloud-hosting environment would be the right option. Cloud server offers more flexibility than the VPS server does.

3. Reliability: Cloud environment offers more reliability and powerful functionality when compared with the VPS environment. In VPS hosting, reliability and functionality are fixed and there is a high chance of your site getting down because of server failure.

4. Server Resources: VPS hosting generally allocate a specific amount of server resources to the hosted site on its server. However, servers in cloud hosting offer a pool of unified computing resources. If you looking for hosting offering better computing server resources, then opting cloud hosting would be the best idea.

5. Security: The security level of the VPS hosting is almost equaled to the dedicated physical server, so eventually it simply outstands the cloud hosting.

On analyzing those factors, it is identified as the cloud hosting offers better host service than the VPS hosting. However, if you are looking for the server to host your simple site, then choosing VPS would be the best option because VPS hosting comes at an affordable rate when compared with cloud hosting.

At the same time, picking the right host provider is vital when it comes to hosting your site. Because features offered by the hosting provider for their hosting plans play a major role on site’s performance online. If you are looking for a reliable hosting provider which made it onto the list of best website hosting provider, Ubokia did one for Singapore. Check out the service provider for affordable hosting services.

How to Find Right Webhost Provider? 

Finding the right host provider is essential to avail better performance from your site active in the World Wide Web. Here are a few vital factors that determine the Webhost provider’s reliability, by analyzing and comparing those factors with other host provider webmasters or site owners can easily pick the right Webhost provider for hosting their site.

  • Compare hosting plans
  • Check those unlimited services claim by host providers
  • Check where the host server Located
  • Check for reputation factor

Apart from those, you need to ensure about getting 27/7/365 customer care support from the hosting provider so that you can manage any emergency or unfortunate thing happens on your site or server.

Why eWebGuru Host Provider? 

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Hope, the above-mentioned details might give you clear thoughts on picking VPS or Cloud hosting. In general, if you are looking for hosting server to host your site that requires to be performed on the internet then choosing cloud hosting would be the best option else, choosing VPS hosting be better in economic wise.