Be More Than Seen; Be Watched

Video marketing illustration

If a picture can say a thousand words, then a video can say millions. Among the media that marketers use to create awareness, increase attraction, and convert to sales are videos. Videos can be live-action or animated. You cannot say which one is better because both have unique pros. However, for many, especially up and coming businesses, an animated video may be the way to go. If you want to see what studios can help you create a great and effective animated video, check out this link

Catch Attention

In any marketing plan, creating awareness is a key output. However, so much information is now accessible at any time because of smart mobile devices. It can be hard to stand out among all that noise. Fortunately, videos are still a medium that can differentiate you from the rest. How? Because of two things: Movement and sound.

Imagine you were alone in a living room at a friend’s house. You’re waiting for your friend to get ready. You’re sitting there passing the minutes. Maybe you are glossing over the books on the shelves. The point is that you’re bored while waiting. Suddenly, a remote-controlled car zooms into the room, hits the shelf, and some books fall. 

It was your friend’s younger sibling, just playing. You were in that room for minutes and nothing interested you. But it only took a few seconds of animated events to capture your attention. Why? Because there was movement from the toy car and falling books. Because there was sound from the toy car engine, the car crashing into the shelf, and the books hitting the ground. Those few seconds of events were new stimuli for your senses.

Be Remembered

Continue the scenario above. Your friend finally gets down, and both of you leave the house. You have a good time; you part ways, and you go home after a tiring but fun day. In the morning, you will remember what you and your friend did. You will also remember that toy car crashing and the books falling. However, you will probably not remember what some of those books were, even though you spent a few minutes glossing over them because just seeing those inanimate objects did not stimulate you enough to bother remembering them.

The same can happen with videos. Scroll through Instagram. Not only will you likely stop at a video, even for just a few seconds, you will also likely remember it over the tons of photos you scrolled through. You may even remember that video better than any photo you liked or commented on.


Now you know how videos are crucial in marketing. But why are animated videos more ideal for up and coming businesses? Because they’re more affordable. For live-action videos, you’ll pay for the crew, the equipment, post-production, etc. Those costs pile up. For animated videos, you may only need a writer, a voiceover, and the editing people, which can include the artists. You can know more about how it works if you go here

Marketing is what leads to sales. You can stand out from the overwhelming information out there through perfectly crafted animated videos.