What Is Video Marketing and What Are Its Benefits in Today’s World?

Video marketing illustration

Marketing techniques have undergone significant changes with the advent of social media platforms. The technological changes around us have enabled the marketing techniques to be influenced by digital media and the virtual world. 

Hence, digital marketing concepts such as SEO, PPC, etc. are becoming more popular. If you already manage a Google Ads account for marketing and you are just looking for advice Clarity PPC can help you. Another trend that is being observed is the rise of personal and personalized marketing. 

Social media platforms facilitate a direct personal connection. Businesses can use this to reach the consumer directly. This one-to-one personalized marketing has assumed many forms, but none has been more popular than video marketing.

How to Define Video Marketing?

The idiomatic expression – a picture is worth a thousand words comes to mind when thinking about video marketing. That is because if a picture is worth so much, then one can only imagine the value of a video.

Video marketing is a direct marketing strategy. It integrates engaging content in the form of a video, personalizes it to the target consumer’s preference, and markets the same. This forward-facing marketing strategy is popular because of the versatility of its usage.

From developing interpersonal relationships with your consumers to creating brand recognition and promoting products, videos can do it all. Taking the help of a video editor like VideoCreek is useful in this respect. 

A video can feature as an advertisement, an intro, an outro, a testimonial/feedback, or simply a consumer guide or explainer. In the modern market, if you wish to augment your status and opt for viral marketing, video is the most effective technique to achieve that.

What Are the Merits of Video Marketing?

The benefits of Video marketing are far-reaching and quite a lot to be easily quantified. For the sake of posterity, the following is a briefly enumerated list accounting for the same –

1. Connection with the Audience

A video helps you to communicate who you are effectively and, at the same time, allows the customer to understand more from behind the scenes. In today’s era, relationships and trust are extremely important, even more so for a company. 

Without trust, customers will not show faith in your products. A simple video goes a long way in dispelling the skepticism and helping the consumers understand your brand better. 

It facilitates as a two-way platform by enabling communication of preferences and services between the consumer and the producer. This helps you design better campaigns and reap the rewards from economical remarketing strategies also.

2. Enables SEO Boosting

Videos are generally hailed as an SEO gold mine. This is because they aid and assist in developing backlinks to your website. 

Targeted Video marketing optimization is an effective strategy to increase likes and shares, which ultimately boosts your search rankings. It is one of the easiest and the most efficient ways to create, sustain, and drive internet traffic to your website. 

Recently, Google’s acquisition of YouTube has further bolstered video marketing SEO strategies. Now you can post your content or stream it and tag with the right keywords or key phrases to automatically boost your search results.

3. Bolsters Information Maintenance

Data from numerous researches have indicated that hearing results in only 10% retention. Hearing, accompanied with relevant imagery boosts results in 65% retention. 

This means that your customers are more likely to retain information from a video advertisement than any other form. Thus, video marketing is not only a more effective marketing strategy; it is also a more efficient one when it comes to popularizing the brand. 

It is so versatile that it can be easily molded to suit any customer or class of customers. Thus, video marketing can augment the preservation of information, which is crucial to any marketing strategy.

4. Generates Traffic

Since 2017 video has assumed the bulk of online traffic. That is because it is easier for the consumer to process hastily. A good video marketing campaign is not just liked by the existing customers but also the prospective ones too. 

This means that video marketing can be an interesting strategy and extremely effective in garnering new visitors to your website. As the visitors are attracted to the video-based content, the traffic volume of your site also increases.

 It is then that video marketing significantly starts to increment the volume of business traffic. And with an ad maker, you can make better ads for your videos. You can check here for options.

5. Makes E-Mails Effective

E-mail marketing has long been regarded as one of the most effective target marketing strategies. Video marketing has led to a resurgence of the e-mail marketing but with embedded videos. This makes direct marketing easy with targeted personalization. 

For the typical consumer, the video is a storehouse of information that can be easily consumed and digested by the consumer. No matter what the reaction is, video-based e-mail marketing can tell the sellers about a quick and easy way of selling the products by highlighting its uses. 

Ultimately, it can better convince the prospective buyer about the uses of the product and increase sales. 

6. Popular Preference of the Audience

A typical customer would much rather watch a video instead of reading a page of content. This trend towards convenience has attained massive popularity. This is because, for a lot of consumers, videos are far less cumbersome and time-consuming than the textual references. 

Audience inclination towards visual-based content is not just due to the convenience of information processing; it is also because of the engaging and attractiveness of the content. 

The right content in a text can, after a while, tend to be tedious, cumbersome, and boring. In today’s age, when attention spans are growing shorter by the day, video content is engaging and extremely exciting.


It is no wonder that the popularity of video viewership speaks for itself. Since the effectiveness of the video content is moot, it is time to realize how best to use it further. The versatility of usage is one of the factors that will be looked at by the people.  Today, video content can accompany text and image alike, and yet the engagement with the video content can steeply edge out other marketing plans.