Top 4 Creative Marketing Ideas by Companies


Competition keeps getting stiffer. Companies that want to stand out and maintain a competitive advantage in 2022 and beyond must stay innovative in all aspects, including marketing. Sadly, traditional marketing strategies no longer work wonders, which means companies must be creative to get and maintain attention. So, let’s discuss the top creative marketing ideas you can use online today to get ahead. 

1. Get Interactive with Social Media Marketing and Use Ads

You need to consider visual aids if you only use plain text on your company’s social media pages. It’s also advisable to automate your responses. For instance, you can use messenger chatbots to respond to social media queries and post contests to engage your followers. Infographics should also be incorporated into the written content to keep your social media posts interesting. Most importantly, focus on teaching something useful or giving your social media following value in a fun and/or funny way. This includes interactive posts about giveaways, sweepstakes, polls, memes, etc. 

What’s more, remember to boost your posts with social media ads. Instead of hoping for Facebook’s algorithm to show your interactive posts organically, you can strategically target your ideal customers with Facebook ads at a small cost. This will help you integrate your digital marketing efforts in a more successful way, by ensuring your posts get to the right hands: make sure your creative visuals are attention-grabbing, and Facebook ads will take care of maximizing your ROI. The only catch is that there is a lot to learn before you can launch this function. You can try and do it on your own, or there will always be the option to hire a professional digital marketing agency to ensure your ads are working properly and tapping into the full potential that this feature offers. 

2. Use Convincing Social Proof

Before people make a purchasing decision, they search for recommendations and reviews. Social proof isn’t a new concept in digital marketing. Online buyers want to hear the experiences of past customers. However, social proof is a powerful tool only when it is used creatively. 

Instead of using typical testimonials that aren’t easily verifiable, why not do a case study with loyal clients willing to go on record about your products or services? While accolades and awards are great sources of social proof to include on your website, you need social proof like case studies backed by visuals and statistics to convince most customers that your products/services are as good as advertised. 

3. Choose Long-term Sustainable SEO

The SEO world is characterized by endless “noise” on new SEO developments. If it’s not new AI tools, it’s about the latest industry updates and the speculative impact on search. While technological advancements are a good thing, brands must focus on what will matter in the long term. Creativity is about being different.

The link between keywords and search intent is already a differentiating factor between effective and ineffective SEO. Focusing on search intent is a better SEO marketing strategy than being guided by popular trends when creating content. Long-form content that deals with uncovered topics will obviously have the edge over short-form content in the long term. There’s also a shift to localized and visual content.

The focus for SEO should be guided by Google’s updates (the latest one being – MUM) which are more focused on answers to complex search queries over keyword optimization. Advancements like IndexNow that notify search engines when websites create, update, and delete content can’t be overlooked in the future by website owners who wish to have their sites crawled quickly. Using creative SEO tools like IndexNow alongside other long-term strategies discussed above will ultimately offer SEO results that stand out in the long run. 

4. Consider Viral Marketing

Viral marketing isn’t easy. However, this doesn’t mean that companies shouldn’t try it. Viral content is the epitome of creativity. Think about it! There’s a reason why many people share content voluntarily. Viral content triggers a strong emotional response. It’s about highly creative content that people can relate to, find funny, or shocking.

Blentech ads on YouTube are a perfect example of successful viral video marketing campaigns. The ads creatively market blenders by trying to blend unblendable things like iPads and iPhones (it sounds like a tongue twist, right?). There are many viral marketing concepts to consider ranging from responding to a popular brand to using social media hashtags, contests, hiring influencers, and giving out free NFTs. Whatever concept you choose, make sure it matches the mission and vision of your brand.
While you can actualize these creative marketing ideas on your own, it helps to use digital marketing experts who understand the above ideas in-depth. Launching creative social media ads that offer a great ROI takes some skill. The same applies to crafting creative long-term SEO strategies and drafting viral marketing strategies. What’s more, these ideas are best actualized together by one team, making it prudent to seek help from a full-stack digital agency with expertise in all aspects of digital marketing. Give it a try and see just how impactful it can be for your business!