Wix For Your Online Business – It Worth It?

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If you’ve had any interest in creating a website whatsoever, then there’s a good chance that you’ve seen an advertisement for Wix. Heck, it’s as if they’ve been advertising everywhere nowadays.

While it’s easy to quickly figure out that Wix is a platform that’s used to create websites, not everyone knows if their software is going to be a good fit for them. Plus, it’s not always clear if this tool will be great for most online business owners.

That’s what we’re going to discuss today. What Wix is, some of its features, and if it’s worth using for the average online business owner. Be sure to keep reading on for all of the answers to those questions.

What Is Wix Exactly?

So what is Wix anyway? This is a free and open-source web application that can be used to make websites. The main goal of the company is to provide a simple yet affordable way for people to easily create their own website without needing to know HTML or programming skills.

Is Wix Beneficial For Your Online Business?

Wix certainly has quite a few benefits, which will be mentioned more, but it also depends on what you need to do with your online business. For example, Wix is going to be the absolute best fit for beginners who have never made a website before.

Wix is also beneficial for beginners, given the fact that you quickly and easily create a website, without needing any type of technical experience. There’s been a lot of happy customers when it comes to those needs.
On the other hand, Wix isn’t going to be ideal if you want to do more than just create a website. For example, many online business owners will then look for much bigger software platforms, usually in the form of an all in one builder.

Some of these builders include Builderall, ClickFunnels, GrooveFunnels, and even Kartra. In fact, a popular blog explains the differences between websites and funnel platforms. It stated that while both are beneficial, sales funnel platforms will always have the edge given the number of features that they offer.

That’s certainly something to keep in mind for those who are looking to generate more leads, as well as making more sales. For everyone else who just wants to create a simple website, there are going to be quite a few benefits of using Wix.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Wix?

With any type of software or website builder on the market, there are going to be plenty of benefits when it comes to using it. Many of the big benefits are going to obviously come after you sign up, so let’s talk about that for a little next.

When looking for a site builder, you want to keep on the lookout for platforms that offer a free “trial” or demo version. Wix is definitely one of those sites, as they offer a freemium plan. Wix offers a full review of its product selection, pricing, support, and product selection of both products and services.

Unlimited Bandwidth

If you are looking for a website builder that offers unlimited bandwidth, Wix is the one for you. They also offer unlimited bandwidth for social media accounts and for blogs. While most of the service providers offer limited bandwidth, the company that offers unlimited bandwidth does not offer this feature for free. To get started, check out the unlimited bandwidth section on the web page, you will then need to create your account.


Wix has several flexible plan options including a monthly premium or a per-usage premium. The monthly premium plan offers several advantages. Aside from offering unlimited templates, you are allowed to use several themes and change them at any time.

With this flexibility, you can always change your website to something fresh. The other advantage offered by the monthly premium plan is that you get unlimited transactions. With this perk, you won’t have to worry about running out of space on your database or having to use the default theme.

Great Templates

Another major pro for Wix is its extensive collection of pre-designed templates. Not only do these pre-designed templates to make your life easier, but they also provide an elegant online store design.

So Is Wix Worth Using?

When it comes to any type of software tool, one of the most common questions is going to be, is it worth using? Based upon plenty of great features, tools, perks, and benefits, Wix is definitely a platform worth using if it fits all of your needs.

As stated previously, this platform is going to be perfect for any online newbie who needs help quickly creating a website. Wix fits that need because they can certainly allow you to quickly put a website together, even without any previous experience.