Why should you have an Extended Development Team?


While running your web development company, you’ll come across two types of projects. First off, there are easy projects which are best handled by your in-house developers. On the other hand, there are challenging projects that require collaboration between your team and a remote specialist from an IT outsourcing company, aka an extended development team.

Unlike traditional outsourcing, where the outside team works independently, an extended development team involves close collaboration between your in-house engineers and a remote specialist. But, should your business consider an extended development team over hiring a new developer or outsourcing to a local outsourcing company?

If yes, why?

Here are some convincing reasons below. However, before we touch on that, wouldn’t it be best if you understood what an extended team is first?

What is an extended team?

An extended team is a remote or outside team hired to enhance or work with your in-house team on a project. Your in-house developers and the remote extended specialist are expected to collaborate on the same project. The collaboration may be long or short and is designed to allow your company to reduce costs while leveraging the help of experienced experts.

That said, why should you consider hiring an extended team? Here are four reasons.

 1. A motivated team with a shared goal

Extended development teams are nothing like traditional outsourcing, where an outside team is left to work on a project independently. With the latter, you have experts whose sole aim is to collaborate with your team on a project and nothing else.

What does this mean?

It means that the extended development team will channel their entire focus on your project, working full-time with your in-house team to ensure that it’s complete.

But that’s not all.

The collaboration with your in-house team will create an atmosphere where everyone is motivated to tackle the common goal. Of course, such an alliance will yield the best results for your company.

2. Faster completion time

Time, they say, is money. So to earn more money, your company must devise ways to complete projects faster and effectively without compromising other core aspects of your business.

If you haven’t heard or aren’t aware, an extended development software team can help your company complete projects faster by offering your in-house team the helping hands they need. Since these professionals wouldn’t be distracted with other projects like typical outsourcing, you expect projects to be completed quickly and efficiently.

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3. Cost-effectiveness

Nothing beats getting the best service at an affordable price; that is exactly what you get by hiring an extended development.  

Extended software teams are budget-friendly. You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune or ruining your company’s budget to access the benefits of these teams like it is with other outsourcing models.

In fact, based on statistics, US companies with extended teams in Europe can expect to reduce their costs by up to 40%. Irish and UK-based companies that hire software team extensions in Spain or Poland can save around 15 to 25%. The best thing about hiring an extended development team is that it still guarantees quality even while it’s cost-effective.

4. Access to foreign professionals

Have you ever thought of a way to leverage the expertise of intentional professionals like those stellar website developers from China or Mexico? By hiring an extended development team, you can access the best talents on the international market. That way, you don’t have to depend on local experts who may lack the expertise to complete your project.