Why Should Kids Learn Roman Numerals?


It is not compulsory to learn them. Because they are not something that is required to survive. We do not even use them regularly. But if you notice, you will get to see roman numerals at some places such as your clock, or in the numbering of chapters in the index of your book, or there are more places where this numbering might be used. Therefore, you should at least have knowledge of them. Also, it is interesting to learn something new even if it is not imperative.

  • It connects math and history: if you think roman numerals are only a part of math then you need to be corrected because along with being a part of math, it is also a major part of the history of the old roman. The best way to teach these numbers is by combining math and history. It will help you in making both math and history interesting.
  • An interesting representation of numbers: math is already an interesting subject but it could be made more interesting by making use of roman numbers. A roman numerals representation makes it more interesting and assists in understanding in a better way how numbers work.
  • Improvement in addition and subtraction skills of kids: yes, it is true that roman numbers will help you in improving the addition and subtraction skills of your kids. It will also increase their mental math skills.
  • Have an idea of place value: in numbers, we need to understand the value of places of numbers. Let’s understand with an example, we have written 1560 on a board. Here if we consider the value of the place of number 5 then it is 500 not only 5. Just like that, if we are doing it in roman numbers and write XC, it means 10 less than 100, CX means 10 more than 100, or XXX means 10+10+10 = 30. This way, you can understand the value of places in roman numerals.
  • It is more fun than normal numbers: Your kid may find math or numbers a boring topic. But you can make it more interesting for them by introducing them to roman numbers. The introduction of Roman numbers can be new and more fun to them. It will be like a break from normal math for them.

How can kids easily learn roman numbers?

If you want your kids to learn about roman numerals then you should start from basics only. Like how these numbers look, how do you count them, which alphabet presents which numbers. All these should be taken in mind while letting your kids learn about Roman numerals. Like they should know I = 10, II = 2, V = 5, X = 10, L = 50, C = 100. You should start teaching your kids from 1 to 10 then 10 to 50, and 50 to 100. Slowly take them from 1 to 100, once they are comfortable with roman numbers, they will find it more interesting to learn numbers next to 100.

Use online tutorials

If you want you or your kids to learn about roman numbers, you can also subscribe to online tutorials. You can also go to the Cuemath website, there will get to know much about roman numerals, from basics to pro, you will get much knowledge. You will also be provided with a table of these numbers that will help in learning these numbers easily and with the flow. By referring to the table of roman numbers, you can start from the basics and reach the advanced level. You won’t only be learning roman numbers only but how to do calculations in roman numbers. You will also get to know about things such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. You can improve your math skills and calculation skills with the help of these numbers. Just open the site and start learning today.