What’s the Thing with the Internet of Things – 5 Office Benefits


The Internet of Things becomes an important part of business productivity and office organizations.

Thanks to smart devices that can communicate with one another and with data centers, business owners should pay attention to these innovations. The option to connect all your office devices to the same network brings various benefits that will make your workers happier and your office a neatly organized place for work.

In the next few paragraphs, find out more about some practical office benefits for IoT users.

Connecting office appliances

When you’re starting a small business, you’ll see that it doesn’t only revolve around your core business tasks.

As you start employing people, your office will need to be properly equipped. Apart from professional devices and machines, modern offices usually have a number of office appliances. From coffee machines and microwave ovens to gaming consoles and TV-sets, there’s a variety of possible choices.

For instance, you can make your coffee via smartphone. Many cutting-edge coffee makers like alexa smart coffee maker can be connected to Wi-Fi. Once you connect it to your office network, it becomes one of the things on your business IoT platform. From there on, you can start brewing your coffee via your smartphone and save some time along the way.

The same goes for microwave ovens, vending machines, and other IoT-friendly appliances.

Efficient printing with timely alerts

Connecting printers to your office network brings several benefits.

For starters, you can place them anywhere in your office so they don’t take the precious room on your desk.

Secondly, they inform users via the IoT platform if their cartridge needs to be replaced or if they need more paper. While this was the case before, as well, new printers can send you alerts on your mobile phones or your computers.

Printers as part of the IoT system can notify the manufacturer that the ink level is low and that a new cartridge should be delivered. That way, business owners don’t have to deal with mundane daily office tasks. Hence, they have more time for their projects, time management, and professional education. Check out Supply Link USA if you want to save some bucks by ordering genuine brand ink, toner, and printer products at wholesale rate.

Office security features

As the whole world is turning to artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things has become an important factor in ensuring office security.

For starters, you can install intelligent light bulbs and motion sensors, together with IoT cameras. All these devices will send the collected data to your local office computer or server. Another option is that these data are sent to the provider of those IoT security services. This might be a better option for business beginners because they might not be able to buy a computer only for that purpose.

The light bulbs can automatically adapt the level of light in the office, based on the amount of sunlight that comes into the office.

The light sensors will record and store the data about all their activations, which can be helpful in case of an emergency.

Your office cameras will provide you with the largest amount of data both outside and inside the office.

Since all smart devices will be connected to your office Wi-Fi connection, make sure to increase the security of the office network.

Smooth maintenance services

We’ve already mentioned that modern employees require certain working conditions. Since IT-frontrunners keep increasing the bar, SMB-owners need to follow suit when it comes to office functionality and equipment.

But the more items and things you place in your office, the more you need to clean it. This can be a tiring daily task for an SMB-owner, especially if he/she needs to do it alone. And if you opt for providers of cleaning services, it might be expensive, plus third parties spend time in your office, which is not responsible behavior toward your IoT solutions.

This is where smart cleaning robots and devices come on stage. For instance, you can get a smart vacuum cleaner, such as Roomba, and keep your office maintained every day.

Also, IT-manufacturers are preparing innovative virtual assistants that can track and monitor all other IoT-devices in the office, together with all the data exchanged between them. As a business owner, you’ll just get voice feeds on the things that have been done and that need to be done.

Higher interconnectivity of devices

Turning your traditional office into a modern IoT working environment means connecting all the devices to the same office network.

As a result, you’ll have all the data available in one place. Instead of wandering through your cloud files or searching your office computers, now you’ll be able to access your data smoothly and timely.

For instance, if you want to get a report from a meeting held last night, you just type its name into the central register or ask your smart virtual assistant to locate it.

If you realize that your website doesn’t generate enough leads, you can use smart solutions to see where the problem is. Also, you can collaborate with developers who use smart solutions, such as the experienced team for web design from Houston.

During business meetings, you can generate any bit of data with a single command because everything in your office is interconnected.


The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are here to help us make your office more productive work environments. They can be used to improve different activities in our offices, from preparing coffee and meals to identifying issues with the website functionality.

Still, it’s important to bear in mind that these things are still sensitive, security-wise. Business owners need to be aware of the potential threats. So, the network to which the office IoT devices are connected needs to be properly protected.

If used and maintained properly, your office IoT platform will accelerate your work pace, increase your productivity, and turn your office into a Millennial productivity hub.

Authored By: Liam Collins

Liam Collins is a tech pundit and Web enthusiast working at TuiSpace.com. He spends most of his time reading and writing about the current affairs in the world of information technology. When he isn’t working, he likes going for long bike rides and walks in nature.