Smart Breeding and Automation with Chainway C71


Animal farming is an old industry.  While technology is fast advancing, there has not been big changes in its operations.  Recently, a leading global supplier of data capture devices in the AIDC industry, Chainway and its partners, has made some breakthrough applying IoT technology together with Chainway C71 Handheld RFID Reader. Pig farming enterprises were helped to build smart pig breeding and traceability systems and realize the digitization of all the processes and management involved. 

In the past, the manual handling adopted by the pig farmers could only told how the pigs grew when they were ready for sale.  The new smart systems have been able to gather real-time information of individual tagged animals in all links in the chain through strong Chainway C71 data acquisition capabilities.  The information has formed the basis of end-to-end supervision and provided full traceability.  Sick animals and bad meat have been identified on the fly and coped with timely to ensure meat quality, reduce loss and hold accountability.  

Chainway C71 is quick and easy to use.  The consistency delivered by the device has formed a sound foundation for standardization, which has not only increased efficiency but also minimized human errors.  More importantly, the continuously captured data has created a data set of the complete picture offering opportunities for further analysis and process improvement.