What’s Next After The Military?


Many veterans were too busy in the military to take advantage of choices for their college education. Others decided to enjoy their time and not care about it until they got out. There are choices to be had for those veterans who now want to get an education. Online is the way to go if the local college does not have the degree that the person wants. Another reason can be that the degree is worth more from a school that is not local. You can get your choice of degree and choice of quality for the degree you do get. It is all wins.

Choice of degrees

The first thing that anyone who is wanting to get a degree needs to choose what your major is. One fact that is different from those straight out of high school and those straight out of the military is that veterans make a decision and stick with it. One of the big choices for a degree, especially with veterans, is a computer science degree. A degree with certifications helps with many of the jobs that pay you well. There are dozens of similar degrees you can get, such as one in the medical field. Those degrees are in high demand, especially if you can deal with red tape.

Choice of colleges

One of the advantages of an online degree is that you are not limited in the school. Someone who lives in Tennessee could have a father and grandfather that attended Norwich. That person may want to stay in Tennessee. The problem is solved quickly, as Norwich has online classes. Choices available are not limited to the for-profit schools. The main limitation is whether you can be accepted at the school, especially an online college for vets. There are many brick and mortar schools with an online presence. You just need to get hold of your dream school and find out what can be done. The even better fact is that everything is improving in how this is done yearly.

How to pay for it

The biggest headaches that veterans have is getting through to the Veteran’s Administration to get their G.I. Bill That said, many of the colleges that you want to attend can help with this. They are experts in getting everything ready. They have the experience, so utilize that. You can  look into it, of course. The VA has gotten better at handling the calls thanks to all the additional funding. Funding for college is there for any veteran that served honorably. Do not waste it.

If you are a veteran, take advantage of the benefits that you have, especially if you want to attend an online colleges for vets. Go out and find what you want. You could be the next Adam Driver, if you get an acting degree. You can make the best software for the next generation. You could even get out there and cure diseases no one else has. As a veteran, you had to have the drive to do your job in the military. Apply that drive to make your life better. It is up to you, especially if you have the dream. Do not get left behind.