What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Car Accident Attorney in Lakeland


Lakeland is one of the best residential areas in the Tampa Bay area, Florida. This city offers both resorts and rural-styles of living. It also provides a lot of recreational facilities for all ages. It has a family-oriented community with top-notched schools for the young ones.

However, despite its near-perfect living conditions, Lakeland encounters a lot of car accidents every year. Currently, it’s ranked fifth in the US in terms of the number of pedestrian accidents.

If you happen to come across this problem, you might consider having a car accident attorney in Lakeland to give you legal aid. If it’s your first time being involved in a car accident, here are some of the necessary information that you must know when getting a lawyer for your defense.

When to get a lawyer

If you think you will have hurdles in your insurance policy or if you wish to file a lawsuit against the other party, you need to seek legal counsel. You do not need to worry too much about legal fees since most of the time, the initial consultation with a car accident attorney is free. If you win your case, you can apply for attorney fees to cover what you have paid for to your lawyer.

In Lakeland, you’re allowed to file claims against the other involved party for negligence. You will have four years to file a lawsuit, and after that, you cannot consider the other party liable anymore. You’re also entitled to get medical coverage for your injuries.

Without a lawyer, your insurance company will only provide you with minimum coverage. A reasonable attorney would advise you to file additional claims, if necessary, for future medical expenses, disabilities or dismemberment, coverage for loss of income, and even for psychological traumas.

General responsibilities of car accident lawyers

Your Lakeland lawyer is generally in charge of at least four legal obligations. He needs to understand the context of your case thoroughly. This means that he should have involvement in knowing to what degree each party is liable for. He should familiarize himself with the necessary supporting evidence, such as witness statements, physical damages, and photo and video recordings of the accident.

Secondly, he is also responsible for filing your claims to the appropriate departments involved. Once the process starts rolling, it’s his job to prove the damages incurred and negotiate for a fair settlement. If you cannot settle for a reasonable agreement, your attorney will prepare you to take the claim to court in order for you can get the fair compensation that you need.

How to find a reputable lawyer in Lakeland

Referrals would be the easiest and best way to find a great lawyer in Lakeland. With so many car collisions happening in this city every year, you can find a recommendation amongst your circle of family and friends.

Once you have listed out potential lawyers, first conduct a background check on their track record. It would be best if you chose a lawyer who has experience in taking on insurance companies.

Additionally, try to look for compatibility when you’re deciding who to hire. Chemistry is just as important as competence; you would want a lawyer who will work with you and not just dictate what you should do.

Working with the legal system in this city is quite tricky. With an experienced and reliable car accident attorney in Lakeland handling the matters for you, you can focus on putting your energy to recovery instead of worrying about your legal situation.