What To Look For Features For School and College Apps Development

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2020’s educational landscape is revolutionizing unlike ever seen before. And, as the cliche goes, education is an assurance for your brighter professional prospect, the most important thing is to find the best possible way to learn and obtain the knowledge and expertise needed.

An educational app is becoming the hot pick for every individual from – Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X to Baby Boomer.

Simultaneously, these e-learning apps act as a catalyst for maximizing revenue for a farsighted business person. One needs to debunk the myths and unfurl the prerequisite for developing an app. 

Irrespective of any scenario, the core objective of a virtual learning environment is the active participation of the toddlers in the learning process.

So, when the main objective is clear, would you be surprised if I tell you a secret?

The students from different walks of ages are in love with smartphones and spend most of the time over mobile. Searching from everything to anything for socializing, finding the most relaxed place to hangout, booking movie tickets, especially, the millenials is looking at their mobile phones now and then.

Then why not align with a leading mobile app development company to make learning and gain knowledge about the subjects exciting and in-school learning fun?

And here, I am going to help you hunt this question right!

But, before we jump to the conclusive part, let’s delve a little deeper and understand every know-how of e-learning hierarchy.

What Is An Educational  App?

An educational app is a kind of software or amalgam of technologies that allow virtual teaching and self-learning appears like a simple ABC. While E-learning has been the buzzing word from last decade, m-learning or rightly said mobile-learning is capturing the lion’s share.

Moreover, it’s the 21st century, and there is no reason to be perplexed about including emerging technologies in the learning environment. Indeed, when used properly educational apps hold the potential to significantly boost the productivity level at corporate level and marks for students.

Lets see!

The e-learning growth statistics are showing no sign of slowing down with a predicted revenue of $37.8 billion in 2020.

Data source: statista.com

Alongside the corporate e-learning sector with an expected growth of $38 billion from 2020 t0 2024

As an educational app is now the trendsetter and the foundation for everything in the world. All kinds of educational apps have taken the top-most place in App and Google play store, so they are in high demand by a behemoth audience. And, this makes educational apps curates the second position in the most popular app category with 8.94% of share among the 13.56 per cent available apps download.

Undeniably, education apps for adults and kids are becoming a boon with an exponential growth rate.

But, amid enormous growth let’s unfurl the reason explaining such a level of demand.

#Reason1: Students Love Apps more Than Textual Books

This is barely anything new, you know it!

Kids are almost inseparable from their guardians and parents smartphones. Any new app, irrespective of a gaming, shopping, entertainment, or even a learning-based app is the trendiest thing for them and they tend to explore it a lot more than their textbooks.

However, it’s crucial they dedicate equal time studying, completing their work and assignments, and preparing for the exam.  So, to make this conventional learning an easier and exciting journey, it’s combined intelligently with leading technologies in mobile apps.  

#Reason 2: Easily Available At Arm’s Stretch

Undoubtedly, e-learning apps are convenient because a person can easily use them at any instance and anywhere. So, by building an educational app, you can provide your users with an opportunity to study and learn the skills of their choice through a convenient schedule.

Therefore, with an education app, learning is not outlined to classrooms, space, your homes, or any defined arena; it accompanies you wherever you go!

#Reason 3: An Efficient Saver

With technologies evolving now and then, the leading mobile app development company is opening enormous doors in the education landscape. Their core motive is to expand technologies to deliver expertise most effectively and efficiently to their users. Also, it proves to be a time saver and pocket-friendly choice for mentors and learners in comparison to attending the physical classes.

#Reason 3: Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Training 

An educational app for learning proffers statistics on achievement dynamics and user-level interactions.

#Reason 4: 21’st Century App

You may be wondering why we named it as a 21st century app?

The concrete reasons for this is the global e-learning market projection to reach $336.98 billion by 2026.

To stay abreast of the competitive trajectory, it’s needed to create an educational app if you want  to provide a service that perfectly meets the needs of the community.  In addition, today’s users opt for modern ways of solving the technical demurs, and mobile apps just fit in the picture precisely and accurately.

#Reason5: The Three Unskippable S Of E-Learning

The educational app adheres to impart Smart, Streamlined, and systematic learning approaches. All the content available on an education app would be organized and arranged accurately. This arrangement not only upsurges among the students due to its convenient method but acts as a craving to learn systematically.

So, it’s essential to hire app developers to create a well-designed app with a systematic arrangement that let students navigate through the app without any special effort. Also, this makes students build the habit to learn systematically. 

#Reason6: Constructive Use Of Recreational Time

What does recreational time stand for kids?

They are viewing television, playing games over smartphones, surfing the internet without much focus, talking over the phone.  These activities are turning golden moments for them, but mainly they don’t add any value to kids’ growth.

So, when learning is just a matter of a click, the leisure hours are utilized more constructively in learning and trying hands-on new things in a meaningful manner. 

Elements Of An Excellent Educational App

1. Quality Content

For any “app”, content is the king, and the same holds true for educational and learning apps, too. So, while you choose an educational app, make sure the app with excellent User Interface should not be weak in content, as it won’t be able to do any favour to the learners.  

Besides, keeping the quality of content comprehensive and superior the experienced software development company also ensures the content is vast and relevant catering to the users of all ages.

As all the kids don’t have the same grasping power, make sure the language of the content is simple enough for anyone to understand.

2. Personalized Profile and Easy Log-In

Same like every app available in the market,  the educational app needs to have a natural log-in function. Some excellent educational apps do provide a dashboard/profile feature that lets the user personalize and save their preferences and progress in the learning.

3. Freedom To Be Intellectual

The pioneer educational apps provide users with the feasibility to create their own topics and discussions among their fellow peers and get direct support from their respective mentors and teachers.

As the app core motive is to provide the ease and freedom to ask their doubts on the subject that’s giving them a hard time, round the clock, it’s more than essential to include this feature in the app.

4. Gamification

Do you know any kid who doesn’t like to play games?

Probably every kid does.

And, what if learning is amalgamated in the form of games. Supposedly, it would be a perfect combination for kids. The mobile app development company known for their innovation and uniqueness provides games which teach distinctive concepts in a fun way that makes the dark alphabet a fun element. Studies show that kids learn a faster approach when they are learning through games.

5. Offline Mode

The internet connection is still an issue in many parts of the world. Or, in some scenarios, due to some technical error, the connection could not be adequately established. So, if you encounter such a problem or you dwell in such area, then the offline mode in your kid’s educational app will be a plus in their learning process. 

This approach allows the users to download the specific exercises and modules which the user can read and solve offline.

6. An Inclination Towards Virtual And Augmented Realities

Presently, VR technology is becoming more accessible and to harness it right; you need to hire mobile app developers. This technology proves to be beneficial actively to study and have a better understanding of historical events, train medical professionals and lot more to the list. Such a method proffers complete immersion in the learning process at an emotional level.

If talking about AR technology, it’s popularly used in training looks more realistic. For instance, you can download an appropriate example, without needing any additional accessories like a helmet or something of that type. AR has enormous benefits; some of them are listed below:

  • Security: You can, for sure, get into the essence of things without fear of breaking or spoiling something.
  • An Eye-To-Precision: This technology allows you to see and observe the minute’s detail, bring a specific object closer and create the illusion of interaction with it.

In The End… let’s wrap everything in a short instance.

As you know, 2020 is the right time to create your own app, especially if you are already in the queue of developing an educational app.

Don’t worry!

Get your Free project Estimation from the epitome of app development company whose experts are ready to work on your project by paying particular attention to your pre-requisite for not only students but teachers and teaching institutions also.

The main focus of developing an educational and learning app is to provide the right platform for learners and mentors to meet making life more comfortable.