What to Consider When Looking for an Internet Service Provider


Finding a suitable internet service provider is essential because your choice of ISP is going to affect the way you communicate, work, and carry on your daily duties. For most enterprises, internet access is a necessity just like all other utilities. An internet outage can paralyze trivial business operations and cause many losses. 

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From connecting loved ones to engaging customers, internet connection is part of our daily life. Therefore selecting a service provider that will fulfill your needs is a priority.

Evaluating the Provider

Before engaging your service provider, you have to evaluate their services, costs, customer support, and their products. Here are some of the factors that will guide you in your search for and internet service provider:

The Type of Services they Offer

Internet service providers have many ways of installing internet to your home or office. They use various methods which can be either beneficial or unsuitable for your needs. The following are the four common types of internet connection. Let us delve into the pros and cons associated with each.

Satellite Connection

Satellite connection is available anywhere because it is a wireless connection. But unfortunately, its speeds are not encouraging. Compared to the DSL connection, DSL is much faster. While it’s expensive, satellite internet is not as reliable. Satellite internet can be installed in rural areas easily compared to other connections.

DSL Connection

The Digital Subscriber Line uses traditional telephone lines and is quite affordable. It is functional and consistent, but otherwise very slow. DSL is also affordable, but the distance from its provider’s exchange will affect the download speed. 

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Cable Internet

Cable connection uses coaxial cable TV lines to transmit data. It offers high speeds, but the speed will slow down during peak hours when everyone is online. Cable connection is quite expensive too.

Fiber Optic Connection

Fiber optic internet connection transmits data through plastic strands or microscopic glass without electromagnetic interference from outside sources. It is the fastest and most effective connection among the others. The disadvantage is that it is expensive and has a limited connection reach.

The Internet Speeds

A business should have sufficient internet speed to cope with the highest demands of the company. Speed is vital because it will determine the rate at which you will upload and download data and speed up business operations. Depending on how much data you will be processing each day and your location, you should be able to find the best internet package for your requirements.

To get a glimpse of what you really need for your business, you should check with the other enterprises around to see the kind of speed you expect from your provider.

The Cost and Contract

A good ISP should be balanced in both price and speed. The cost and other fees from internet providers around your area can help you determine which ISP Company is right for your business or home. You should also be keen on their terms of service and contract details. 


Reliability is the most important factor for the business. You don’t want a counterproductive and stressful business life due to unreliable internet. If your business cannot risk any interruptions from their internet service, you should go for a provider that offers a Service Level Agreement. SLA’s are contracts that specify the reliability of the connection. Since customer service and support is part of reliability, the company should be able to solve any issues with the internet as fast as it can in order to get you back to business. They should provide high levels of service at all times.

Internet Hardware

You will need to have the hardware necessary for setting up your internet. Internet service providers may offer to rent you their routers, modems, and other gear on a monthly payment basis. The best option is to purchase your own equipment to avoid rental fees. It is not worth paying rental fees for the rest of the years you will be using the internet.


Selecting the best internet service provider for your home or business is an easy process if you do your research. Among the deciding factors, cost, reliability, and the internet speed should be a top priority. Always ask providers the right questions, and you will get the right provider who will satisfy your business needs.