What Should I Look for in Payroll Software?


What is Payroll and its importance?

A payroll process, in its simplest form, is a procedure of providing salary or wage to your employees. For an effective employment and performing workforce, a business needs to process payroll after every regular interval. Along with payment, incentive, deductions, tax and appraisal too are included in payroll.

To abide by law, a business is required to maintain record of these transactions for yearly tax filing and keeping penalties away.

It is imperative for businesses to perform financial and payroll related activities on time and ensure its accuracy. Efficient payroll measures must be practiced by the management and payroll department.

How can Payroll software help?

A dedicated payroll software and its intuitive modules help streamline HR activities like collecting employee attendance data, pay structure, incentive cycle, LOP, leaves, etc. and makes final payroll accurate.

The automated payroll solution brings all required and contributing factors under one roof. With data being so easily traceable, management can expect a fool proof payroll process. Better record keeping capability and keeping the process abide by law, online payroll software can make this critical process easier forever.

Companies have been looking for better solutions and integrations. Integrated payroll solution with a self-service portal/ app can also help employees know the required data like remaining leaves, HR approvals, pay slips, etc. from anywhere. This liberty also benefits the HR department in leave management and therefore payroll management.

Given below are some qualities you must look for in a paid and free payroll software without fail while incorporating one:

Automated payroll

Payroll solutions are empowered to automatically calculate required parameters like timesheets, attendance and salary for accurate results. Automatic payroll calculations with a couple of clicks saves time and efforts of your payroll and HR department. Monthly payroll is not the only concern for the payroll admin. The time saved here could be utilized in other important activities like training, onboarding and employee management.

Automated payroll solution lets you access invoices and slips on single request to avoid any doubts and eliminate disputes. Payroll demands long hours when done by humans without software intervention and invites human error.

To prevent this, automatic payroll is the first requirement of your payroll system.

Invoice management

Here’s another important requirement – Invoice and expense management. this helps in making employees’ and management’s job easier. Employees can easily access pay slips and invoices through payroll software even while walking. Invoice generation in seconds through portal makes expense management easier for the management. Also, windows to error is closed.

With an automated expense management through payroll software, reimbursements for remote workers become quick and error proof.

Easy integration

Smooth implementation is another requirement. Lengthy implementation might break the management. Smooth integration with existing software is another challenge. Irrespective of your current system, the new payroll software integration is a very crucial and essential step. Choosing software after learning its implementation and integration policy is a must.

Compliance management

Why are we looking for payroll software? To make payroll more accurate and compliant. Right? So, a system that does not abide by compliance is not good pick. And the rules are ever-changing, which makes compliance management the toughest.

Picking a vendor which has its own dedicated team for tax and regulations, can keep you safe from fines and owing any penalty. Such software helps your payroll happen smooth and accurate, ensuring each payroll data is safe.


A scalable software can scale its module and features according to your company size. It is no fixed that your business will stay same till end. Number of employees will increase. Tracing machines will increase. Workplace will expand. To map these factors, you need a software that has the scalability to support your business throughout.

A system with flexible features and customizable templates is mandatory.

Cloud support

Its 2020 and cloud support is the primest need of the management and businesses out there. When looking for a specific HR solution or payroll software, cloud security and accessibility is the first and foremost thing to be looked after. It helps people access data from anywhere and anytime.

Also, it is wise to store your crucial data on cloud for data backups. The remote working capability it gives, is the most important benefit of being cloud supportive.

Well, these were some of the most important factors to look after, when choosing a payroll software for your company. Not all clothes will fit you. The factors mentioned above might help you pick the right tool.


What last words say is – no matter what company size you are or what type of vertical it is, decision to adopt a cloud-based payroll solution is never wrong. In today’s date, performing maximum in less time with maximum efficiency is the need. An efficient payroll system can help you streamline and automated most of your activities with best results guaranteed. Check for tax return Melbourne, if you are looking for a dedicated support from an agency.

Hope the guide helps you find your right solution. Good Luck! Happy payroll processing!