What Makes A Filing System World Class?


A sound filing system and immaculate record-keeping practice are indispensable to the success of any business. Not only does it promote easy access but it also speeds up the workflow, enhances precision, and prevents unnecessary downtimes which could prove detrimental to the business.

In addition, it also essential in helping you to be more systematic, organized, transparent, and efficient in providing records in the required time.

Bear in mind that more than 21 percent of daily productivity can be lost to document issues. Interestingly enough, stats also show that a professional uses at least 18 minutes to search for a specific document.

This is why it is important for businesses to have a filing system that allows everyone to access files on their devices simultaneously.

Among the factors that should be considered in choosing an efficient filing system includes:

1. It must be economical

For a filing system to be efficient, it must be economical to operate not only in terms of financial cost but also in terms of space and time spent. Filing stationery to consider is the expanding file folder system. They are easy to use, will not take up a lot of space and budget-friendly.

2. Ease of use

Ease of use is one of the most desirable characteristics of any business solution or system. A functional filing system should be easily understood by all personnel. This makes it easier for incoming and outgoing files or folders to be organized.

3. The classification should be easy

Any filing system usually requires that files or folders be arranged according to a specified classification method using categories or sub-categories. One way of making classification easy is the use of color codes where each color defines a class of files.

Using expanding file folders is an excellent means of differentiating files with the use of colors. Apart from colors, designs have compartments within the parent file, which can be used for sub-categories.

4. It must keep files safe

Even if a filing system costs a fortune, if it does not keep the stored data safe, its use is still impractical. The filing system should be able to allow sufficient light, should be well ventilated, safe from insects, moisture-free, and easy to clean.

5. It should incorporate an indexing system

An indexing system usually has an inventory of files. This includes information about their location and contents. When integrated with filing, the effectiveness of the entire system is enhanced. Indexing also serves as a backup to get things right if the files are mixed-up.

6. It should incorporate an archiving system

An excellent archiving system is also essential for the file system to be effective. By archiving files that are closed or resolved should be stored in the archives to make way for active files. Such methodology proves very handy in saving time and energy when sorting or searching for files. In organizing files, it is important to do research and stay updated with the latest filing system trends and innovations.