What is the Importance of Death Certificate ?


An official document signed by a doctor explaining the reason for death along with other details is known as a death certificate. It might be a not so important document for most of the people. But, there are various reasons why everyone should get death registered. Mostly, it is required to serve as proof of someone’s death for legal purposes. Let us have a look at the reasons why you need a death registration and ways to do it.

Reasons why you need this certificate?

There are plenty of uses to get a death registered. The family needs this certification for many legal purposes including transferring or stopping any benefits or social security. Below are some of the reasons for registering a death.

1. Closing Bank Account:

To close the bank account or investment of the deceased person, it is required to submit the document for the proof of death.

2. Claim Life Insurance:

Being the named beneficiary of the person who is no more, you require the certification of their death to claim the life insurance policy. Regardless of your relationship with the person, you require the death certificate. Generally, the process of claiming life insurance is slow, but with this certificate, the process might get faster.

3. Avail Medical Benefits:

If you are a child or spouse of the deceased person, you need this document to claim all the medical benefits.

4. Pension Benefits:

The spouse is eligible to get the pension benefits of the person who has passed away. So, to avail the benefits from their pension, you need death registration proof along with the proof of your relationship with that person. Other documents are also required here.

5. Future Marriage:

If a widow or a widower wants to marry again, they need proof of their former spouse’s death. So, here the certificate is mandatory is often asked by legal authorities.

6. Settling Real Estate:

After the death of a person, the proof of their death or the certificate is required for settling various properties or estate in their name. This is a slow and tedious process and might require various copies.

How to get the death certification?

It is important to register for death before getting the certificate. Also, the death needs to be registered within 21 days of the occurrence. It can be done by filling up various forms with the legal authorities. You can get the application form from the legal body authorities of the concerned area or from the registrar who maintains the records of death.

There may be cases when suddenly a relative or loved one passes away at a long distance. Also, in this case, there is a possibility of losing the exact records due to some damage or other reasons. Instead of traveling to that place and finding the documents,    you can go online and obtain the death certification easily. There are many online agencies or platforms that can help you get the certification for death.

For the online process, you just need to visit the website and fill an online form. Your request will be sent to the government agency. Within a few days, you will receive your required document.

Summing Up

Death certification is an important document required at various stages or claiming various benefits or settling other things. Also, any family member needs to get the person’s death registered within 21 days. Everyone must do so. Also, there are various methods to get death registered. You can do it manually or online. Both ways are possible. You just need to fill up a form and apply for the document. Within some days or maybe within a wee, you will get the required document.