VR Companies Working in Education Sector

Virtual Reality in education

Technology has changed the way, we used to learn and get educated in our classrooms. Today virtual classrooms replaced our physical classroom and our science labs were replaced by virtual reality labs. Technology allows us to enable better learning and virtual reality seems to be the next step for the evolution of education.

We’re (human) constantly looking for ways to make knowledge tranfer easier, quicker, and more effective, and that ways are technologies. Virtual reality making learning faster, easier, quicker, effective, and cost-effective too. Hundreds of research agencies, startups, and technology companies are working in the field of virtual reality and have developed VR based technologies that are being used in our schools, universities, and colleges.    

In this article, I’ve included some of the virtual reality companies working in the field of education and have developed VR devices which are really transforming the way educational content is delivered.

Here’s the list of VR companies


FotonVR, one of the most awarded and recognised VR companies in India, has developed VR devices for K-12 education. The company wants to make science education for kids. FotonVR is actively setting up their VR labs in schools and looking for partners and educators to expand their business. You can reach them if you want to set up a VR lab in your school or institution.

eon Reality

Eon reality an VR company

eon reality is the USA based AR and VR company specializes in academic and industry training solutions. The company provides VR based solution for industrial and educational use. Eon has a research and marketing office in Bangalore India.


GreyKernel is a Noida, Delhi NCR based VR company working in the field of education. The company has developed VR based learning system for K-12 education. You can reach them for more detail.