University Prospectuses Vs. Universities in Reality


Going to university is one of the most exciting events in most people’s lives. They can finally explore the world and have fun while studying. However, when you’re fresh out of high school, you might have unrealistic expectations about campus life.

It’s also very exciting when you’re trying to choose a university in the UAE because they offer high-quality education and have adequate facilities. Different students have different experiences. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming especially when you have to meet deadlines, and other times it can be quite nice.

Why You Should Consider Higher Education

After high school, most students choose to pursue higher education in various universities. Although you can build a career without a degree, university education gives you many opportunities and career paths.

Going to university also allows you to pursue a vocation. You can study a subject of interest. Some professions, like medicine, nursing, and engineering, require a degree. University education allows you to pursue your passion.

There is also no doubt that most employees prefer university graduates, and they pay higher wages. Graduates also have more employment opportunities. You will also acquire transferable skills, such as problem-solving skills, presentation, and communication skills.

University Expectations Vs. Reality

Before going to university, you have certain aspirations and how you expect life to be; however, it might be different than you imagined.

Below are some of the expectations and realities of going to university;


When you join a university in Dubai, you expect to learn about everything you love. However, reality hits you, and you realize that you are not always going to love what you are learning, and sometimes the workload can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, the program and learning experience can be exactly what you expected, but studying for exams and chasing deadlines can be exhausting. However, you should not give up because each semester is different. Some semesters are full of theory, while others require you to do practicals or other fun activities.

Skipping Classes

Most students join universities with the idea that they are free to do whatever they like, which includes skipping lectures. However, the reality is that university classes are taught very fast, and require you to be present at all lectures.

Once you skip a single class, you might not catch up with others or it can take you many days to catch up with the rest. Although you can find notes online, it is necessary to attend classes to interact with others and get clarification and first-hand information from the lecturer. You can read notes, watch videos, ask other students, but attending classes allows you to ask questions and get correct answers from the professor.


After enrolling in a university in Dubai, you expect to make many cool friends to hang out with during your free time. The reality is you can ruin your life by following the wrong crowd. A healthy social circle is not only important for your success but also for your physical and mental health. During the first semester, you will meet a lot of different people with varying personalities. It can be overwhelming and difficult to make friends at first. You might also make friends for a few months or semesters before finding your circle. In time, you’ll realize that it’s the quality and not the quantity of friends that matters.