Types of Custom Vinyl Stickers

Image Source: Camaloon.com

Vinyl is the most popular materials used to design custom decals and stickers. Its flexible durability makes it a seamless material to print high-quality stickers and decals.

Custom stickers are awesome to everyone! Whether you own a business or you have an outstanding artistic style that you want to use; this is a perfect way to make a great custom sticker.

There are tons of different vinyl materials to customize your sticker with. You might be wondering which one to use or maybe, you have no idea at all!

No worries; this article will help you learn about the types of custom vinyl stickers available in the market today.

Let’s jump right into it!

  • Vinyl Logo Stickers

They are available in different sizes and shapes; your branding needs are well covered. Logo stickers are great tools in raising your brand awareness; they are inexpensive but are an effective promotional tool.

They can be die-cut; the exact shape of your preferred logo or you can choose from our different shapes to frame your logo.

  • Clear Vinyl Stickers

These custom vinyl stickers showcase your terrific logos and your products too. They can be print designs or logos in white ink to produce a perfect bold vinyl sticker.

  • Matte Custom Vinyl Stickers

These are the best stickers to go for if you want to add up-to-date feel to your designs. They are good for gifts since you can use a marker to write on them hence offering a great customization level. You can tell the custom sticker maker about the design you want and they will do it for you.

  • Die-cut Vinyl Stickers

You can use Websticker’s die-cut sticker pages to make various custom vinyl stickers at a go. This is the easiest and the most cost effective method to get custom stickers.

These sticker pages allow you to upload different images on one page; being die cut, your image’s shape will resemble that of the sticker. You can remove Websticker’s die-cut stickers easily without leaving any residue hence it’s the best choice of custom stickers, you can re-use them repeatedly.

  • Permanent Vinyl Stickers

Stuff such as industrial machinery, work gear, and emergency kits require permanent vinyl stickers which will always be visible.

Elegant sticker making companies such as Websticker normally use waterproof permanent vinyl stickers making them the perfect choice in all conditions. Their custom vinyl stickers are microwave and dishwasher safe hence they are the perfect choice for your food containers.

In Summary
As a business owner, you can create your own custom sticker online after uploading your image or logo.  You can choose from the styles above depending on what you want to accomplish or the use of the sticker.

Vinyl stickers are very versatile; they can unify your brand, create distinctive promotional material or you can modify it to suit your personal needs. Vinyl stickers are durable, waterproof and long-lasting. Get a quote of your preferred vinyl stickers from companies such as Websticker today! It’s very simple to apply your vinyl sticker; peel your sticker, place it on a smooth surface, then smooth out using a credit card to remove air bubbles.