Top Questions You Need to Ask When Searching for the Best Car Insurance


While you may be inclined to rely on your insurance agent or recommendation of friends when it comes to choosing your auto insurance, you need a more prudent approach to finding the most suitable coverage for your needs. Remember that you will be spending your hard-earned money when buying a policy, which is why you should educate yourself so that you will know which plan is right for you.

Apart from conducting research and learning more about auto insurance, it would help if you also prepared yourself when talking to an insurance agent. Consider asking the following questions when you are searching for the best car insurance plan:

What Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Apart from the minimum car insurance coverage mandated by your state, you should also find out what other types of insurance will give you the most protection. The majority of states require property damage liability and bodily injury liability. These policies ensure that you do not have to worry about spending money on car repair and medical expenses for the other party if you find yourself at fault in an accident.

Since liability coverage does not protect your car, it is best to get collision coverage as it will pay for your car repairs or replacement regardless of who is at fault. Another basic auto insurance policy that you may consider getting is comprehensive coverage. Apart from being affordable, comprehensive insurance will pay for car repairs/ replacement for damages caused by other happenings apart from crashes, such as vandalism, fire, or flood.

Will the Insurance Cover Accidents When I am Not the One Driving?

While the answer may seem obvious, you can never assume when it comes to insurance policies and similar contracts, unless the terms are specifically stated.  As such, you must ask your agent this question that most drivers usually overlook.

Clarify what will happen in case of accidents when it is a family member or friend who borrowed your vehicle is driving. While you are discussing this scenario, make sure to ask if your insurance will also cover any accidents wherein you are driving someone else’s car.

How Will My Job Affect My Car Insurance?

Your agent may not ask about how you conduct your job in detail, but this information is crucial since it affects your coverage. Did you know that as a basic rule, your personal car insurance only covers you going to and from work and nothing else?

For instance, if you get in an accident while delivering something to a client, your insurance may not pay for the repair or medical costs you incurred since the action may be construed as “doing your business.” Given that the manner of use impacts your insurance, you should discuss what you do with your agent so that they can advise you on the best car policy that will fit your situation.

What Discounts or Payment Options Do You Offer?

Practically all insurance providers offer discounts or credits if you have safety features installed in your car, if you have an impeccable driving record, if you purchased other types of insurance from the company or other similar conditions. Unfortunately, some agents will not discuss discounts with you unless you ask them directly.

Make sure that you ask about all discounts being offered by the company so that you can see which ones can apply to you. Do not forget to also ask about payment options and the pros and cons of each so that you can determine the plan that will be most beneficial for you. Acquiring the best car insurance requires serious thought and preparation, the same way when you purchase valuable investments. Use the above questions as a guide so that you can find the coverage that meets your requirements at the most affordable price.