Top Mistakes in Marketing


Marketing is a powerful tool. It is an essential part of business, which allows businesses to make the most of their potential customers. Marketing is the practice of conveying your message to potential customers in such a way that they will be reminded of what you have to offer and why they need you. It involves research, development of a marketing plan, execution of your plan, monitoring and evaluation of your marketing results. It is also the method by which you make sure that the information you are communicating to your customers is appropriate and useful to them.

Marketing Research

The marketing research encompasses all aspects of creating and developing your marketing plan including researching your product, consumer behavior, competition, market opportunities, etc. The basic aim of the marketing research is to understand the buying habits and patterns of your potential consumers. Marketing research helps in understanding the product and services that appeal to a particular group of people, segment your market and gain insights into selling strategies. This enables you to cater to their needs and make your product or service available to them.

Influencer Marketing

An influential marketer is one who builds good relationships with other individuals and organizations. He or she is an individual or company who can help you to gain recognition. In influencer marketing, one uses marketing research to build and develop relationships with other marketers and other industry players. This could be in the form of podcasts, where the influencer helps in raising awareness of your brand and promotes it. You can also buy SoundCloud plays for such podcasts to increase the efficiency of your influencer marketing efforts.

Marketing Myopia

Marketing myopia is when marketers do not see the big picture of what a new product concept could mean for the business. For example, many marketers think that if they launch a new product concept in the marketplace that it will instantly become a million-dollar business. They fail to consider the market scenario where only 20% of the concept launched is actually effective.

Social Marketing Myopia 

As social marketing gets more popular, many companies are beginning to ignore this concept. The majority of sales nowadays come from online marketing strategies and advertising. Moreover, many companies do not realize that social marketing concepts are highly effective and cost-effective. This leads many marketing managers to disregard these concepts and hence, fail in implementing them.

 Marketing Myopia

Some marketers still focus on traditional forms of marketing and neglect new marketing strategies. Some marketers even believe that the best marketing strategies for small companies are not applicable for large corporations. By ignoring these marketing concepts, marketers fail to take in account the fact that consumers have changed and will continue to change over time.

The Marketing World Is A Rapidly Changing Environment

There is always a new concept, marketing strategy or advertising campaign that will become effective for you and your target consumers. By ignoring these new trends, marketers risk being left behind by their competitors and losing out on a lot of money. Thus, it is advisable for marketers to understand, recognize and adapt to new marketing ideas, concepts quickly.

As mentioned earlier, marketing management does not only include the methods and techniques used to promote your products but also includes your ability to understand, evaluate and implement these techniques so as to maximize their positive effects. If you are not willing to learn and adapt to any marketing concept or strategy, then you will never be successful in selling your product. So, before you begin selling, take your time to study and implement a marketing concept or strategy that you feel will help your company achieve its marketing objective.

Keyword Marketing Has Its Limits

One of the most common mistakes made by newbie marketers is over-reliance on keywords or keyword marketing in their marketing strategy. Some marketers believe that this is all that marketing refers to and they do not pay much attention to it.


In advertising, marketing refers to the identification and the creating of a meaningful relationship with the end users. Many marketers believe that a brand name or a logo will already create this relationship between the brand and the consumers. But if you are not willing to learn and adapt to any marketing concept or strategy, you are not serious about selling your product.

With the advent of social media and other internet advertising opportunities, many companies have failed to recognize that selling is an act of creating and building a relationship with the consumer right group at the right time. This is why you need to focus your attention on influencer marketing, relationship marketing and consumer awareness for selling the right products.