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When it comes to making money from trading, share market is the best place where one can make money just by investing a small amount. Most of us must have seen that movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” and dreamt to make money the way they did in the movie. We don’t say that you can make money in a night or day but, by taking proper training on trading, you can make money without making a big investment.

Trading is not just about buying and selling stocks or cryptocurrency but a whole import and export business comes under trading. Before you decide which world (Physical or Virtual) of trading attracts you, we would like to recommend you to take a trading course from a reputed trading institution and read reviews on trading platforms available in the market. There are several trading reviews sites where you can check reviews of the trading platforms before you start trading on them. To avoid being trapped we recommend you to check eToro review, one of the leading investment platforms. By opting for the trading course you will have in-depth knowledge about the market and working nature of financial institutions. Working in a virtual trading platform it’s So, here we go.

Here are the top destinations for trading courses

Wall Street, New York

Wall Street. Yes, you read it right. This is the place where shares of the world’s largest companies are traded, stocked and sold in the share market. If you want to learn and master trading, then we would like to recommend you to spend time under some share market gurus, who have made money and mastered in trading. There are plenty of share broking firms, trading consultants and trading academies where you can learn the art of trading. Yes, trading is an art where you have to master in planning, forecasting and decision making. A good trader is one who can predict the market accurately on the basis of his knowledge, experience and market trends. 

The City, London

If you are from the United Kingdom and want to explore your career in trading, then London is the best place to start with. It’s the home for major international banks, stock exchanges, and other financial institutions. You can find plenty of trading classes, consultants, broking and advisory firms around the place. Before you start trading, we recommend you to get a trading course in London where you will learn the art of trading from industry experts. These courses are specially designed to train a newbie with a practical approach so that they can make most out of their time and money. 


If you are planning to learn overall trading from Cryptocurrency to Forex and Share market to running a business, then Singapore is topof the list. This island city is emerging as the financial capital of the world but not as established like New York and London. If you are from the South East Asia, Singapore, China, Honking or Japan, then it’s a better choice to learn to trade and build your career as a banker or trader as you can find plenty of financial institution, international banks, stock exchanges, trading training institutes, and online trading companies. This is the home for many cryptocurrency-based companies and trading platform.

Zurich, Switzerland

This beautiful city is another best option to explore, learn and build a career in trading. Switzerland has set an example of a small economy that has built its prosperity on exporting high quality, added-value “Swiss made” products to the four corners of the world. Looking at their export volume, we can clearly predict that this country is going to be the next trading platform for traders around the world. If you are willing to explore your career in trading, then go to Zurich where you will find plenty of financial institution, stock exchanges, banks and trading training institution.

Dalal Street, Mumbai

Dalal Street, don’t get socked to read this word. Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India. India is the second fastest growing economy after China. This is the place for the world’s largest companies where one can easily make money by trading shares in India. BSE and NSE are the two busiest stock exchanges in the world. If you are from India and want to master the art of trading, then there’s no place better than Mumbai. This is the place where you can find trading institutions, broking firms, stock exchanges, international banks and multi-national companies.

Good luck and happy trading.