Top Data Analysis Certifications for 2021


The lifeblood of any successful company is data and big-data analytics. The demand for Big Data Analytics is predicted to cross 68.09 billion dollars by 2025, and the global market for data analytics will reach 77.64 billion dollars by 2023. The right technology can be a challenge, but it can be even harder to build the right team with the right skills to take data initiatives.

Data analytics boot camp and certification courses are an excellent choice if you want to gain a new edge on a data analytics job. Certifications test your understanding and expertise against industry and vendor-specific criteria so that employers may demonstrate that you are skilled. The number of data analytics certifications is growing fast.

Definition of Data Analysis

Systemic ideally statistical and logical techniques for data scope description, structure modularization, data representation condense, images, tables, and graphs illustrate statistical inclinations and probability information assesses and draws meaningful conclusions called data analysis. These analytical approaches allow us to induce the underlying data deduction by eradicating the unnecessary chaos caused by the rest.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics consists of the collection and analysis of raw data and the use of qualitative, quantitative techniques and procedures to transform it into helpful information for decision-making and improvement of productivity and profits. Raw data are classified and processed to detect patterns of user behavior. The data analyzing strategies differ depending on business/organizational requirements.

Data Analytics – Is it a worthy career to pursue?

A data analytics role helps to have a safe career with plenty of growth opportunities. The Jobs of tomorrow report in 2020, released by the World Economic Forum (WEF), put data and artificial intelligence (AI) with a 41% growth rate in the seven rising professions.

In previous research, 96% of the firms planned to recruit individuals who had the expertise for data analytics. Consequently, one of the most demanded careers by 2022 is projected to be the ‘novel role’ of the data analyst. By training and obtaining one of the best data analytics certifications on the market, you may get the necessary data analytics capabilities.

Top certifications to choose to excel in your career

Just with credentials for product management, any program for data analytics has a fundamental objective – to help you thrive in your work. It can strengthen the profile on the surface and aid you with your everyday workplace analytics issues.

It is easy to find the proper data analytics certification when you have a limited number of certificates. Here are some of the most significant certifications for data analytics.

1. CompTIA Data+:

CompTIA Data+, from CompTIA IT certifications leader, is firstly the most official certification in data analytics. You can have a glimpse into the analytical procedure. It also verifies data analytics skills that organizational giants are seeking in a data professional. CompTIA Data+ is the only certification for a data analyst to encompass the ability to analyze primary data, evaluate practical skills, and is vendor-neutral.

It is a good idea to obtain vendor-neutral data analytics certification such as CompTIA Data+. Vendor-neutral certificates provide you with the expertise you need to play a role in any particular programs and technologies you use. Compare this with the vendor-specific credentials you are equipped with only one platform (such as Microsoft or AWS). CompTIA Data+ also allows you to examine and report on datasets, and it trains you to comply with norms of supervision and data quality.

2. Associate Certified Analytics Professional (ACAP):

This credential is a certification of entry-level data analytics, showing education in an analytical process. However, the individual is not yet experienced in practice. The certification covers seven domains of the analytics process: business problem framing, analytics problem framing, data, selection methodology, simulation, deployment, and lifecycle management.

3. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate:

You will learn how to utilize Microsoft Power BI to optimize the value of a firm’s assets through the cleansing and transformation of data and development and building of scalable data models. Within Power BI, those that obtain Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate are professionals in data preparation, data modeling, data visualization, and analytical data. This qualification is ideally suited for data professionals and business intelligence specialists.

4. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP):

This certificate demonstrates end-to-end mastery of analytics processes, from business structuring and analytical challenges to data acquisition, methodology, model development, deployment, and model lifecycle management. You must complete the CAP examination and the commitment to the CAP Code of Ethics.

5. IBM Data Science Professional certificate:

It is a certificate of a novice who exhibits skills in data science disciplines, including open source tools and libraries, processes, Python databases, SQL, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning. The credential requires completing nine courses (around three months at 12 hours a week). The candidate completes various practical tasks and builds a portfolio of data science projects.

6. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP):

CAP, also as Certified Analytics Professional, is one of the top data analytics credentials. Candidates who can pass the demanding CAP exam stand out among the competition. One has to succeed in obtaining a CAP certification:

Meet the educational and experience eligibility requirements

  • Master required soft skills
  • CAP Code of Ethics commitment
  • Complete the CAP exam

You must renew CAP certification with professional development units every three years. The data analytics certification has a worldwide reach. If your application is accepted successfully, you can only pass the examination. CAP is a portable certification based on analytics professionals’ practices.

Final words

Data analytics is one of the rapidly increasing world industries in data analysis. With the growth in the usage of data analytics, the number of jobs in the data science and analytics market has increased significantly.

You do not only need experience if you want to make progress in your profession, especially in data analytics. The technology upgrades far too fast, and tools and services are upgraded from time to time. By acquiring new skills, learning tools, and enriching your portfolio, you need to go along at the same pace. The Data Analyst certifications help this.