Top 5 Web development trends for 2020


To have a strong online charisma in this highly competitive marketplace you need to be aware about the latest Web development tools and trends. As we know that websites make a positive impact on the growth of the business. So for rewarding results, it is important to stay familiar with all the latest trends that help you in sustaining the ever-rising competition.

As we know that to stay ahead from your competitors it is important to adopt changes. There are numerous development strategies that are gaining more and more popularity with the passing time. In this piece of write-up, we have gathered information from different sources about web development that helps you to save your precious time. According to the latest reports, it is predicted that web development undergoes a number of changes in the year 2020. So it is crucial for web developers to adapt and learn these new challenges in order to achieve success. 

So, if you want to improve your business website then you should take note of the below-mentioned web development trends that will rule in the year 2020.


According to the latest market reports in the year, 2020 more than 80% of customer interactions will occur without human communication. Chatbots are making the customer experience more lively and fruitful. Chatbots along with Artificial intelligence when integrated into websites and mobile apps boost the customer engagement rate. These trends are becoming a reality in gaining recognition among customer service professionals. Without any doubt, Customer service and support is the primary key towards a successful business. To maintain customer interaction even after working hours you can add this technology in your business and provide instant solutions to your customers all the time.

Responsive design

Responsive design is one of the crucial things when it comes to business. Every UI UX design company knows that everyone is using mobile devices, so to make your business app or website successful it is good to pay equal attention to the design. Web developers need to make websites in such a manner so that mobile users can easily use them. There’s no need to make one website for mobile users and other for desktop users. In this stiff competition creating a single responsive website will serve the intention. This step also boosts the traffic on the website and makes things easier for the developers. To make your business productive a responsive website and cool CMS to manage your content is all that you need to render all purposes. Try building a cool looking device responsive website with an easy to use CMS. If you find it difficult to build yours on GPL licensed CMS like WordPress and Drupal, try Drupal development company where you will find expert help. Moreover, Google also now ranks the websites who pay attention to responsive design, speed and optimised for user experience.

Artificial intelligence 

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Undoubtedly, Artificial intelligence is one of the latest web development trends that are used by businesses all around. In 2020 AI is expected to make a noteworthy divergence in the web development world. So to stay in sync with the market it is important for web developers to learn AI that helps in providing the utmost customer support. The latest studies revealed that businesses across the globe spend more than 2.5 billion on just Artificial Intelligence. In short, it is one of the important factors to keep in mind is AI is likely to make web development more user-friendly than it is now.

Virtual reality

The significance of augmented reality and virtual reality are increasing day by day. These technologies are certainly going to take the center stage in 2020. The implementation of VR and AR provides users better experience as with this they can understand the features and uses of the products in an advanced manner. This is the best manner to boost sales. Virtual reality gives users 3D visualization and real-time experience before purchasing the product. Most of the businesses are implementing AR and VR in their business platforms.

Well, we can say that VR and AR are soon going to become an integral part of the development industry and will be used in mobile and web development company in 2020.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps or PWA certainly one of the new trends in web development. As we know that mobile phone users’ ration in the world is increasing day by day. So the main portion of traffic on the websites comes from mobile devices. To make the process even easier and time-saving people prefer to use mobile apps. Progressive web apps also known as PWA are web applications that are somehow similar to mobile apps in nature. Progressive web apps provide a better experience to users than before. These apps can be used without internet connectivity, and responsive. These apps are easy to develop and need low maintenance thus can prove out to be an excellent option over others.


In nutshell, we can say that the web development industry is changing at a fast speed. To achieve success it is crucial to continuously adapt changes and remain efficient with the latest trends in web development. Hopefully, with this blog, you can check the list of latest web development trends and can implement them in your business website for the best results. In case, you feel that we are missing some important points in the blog, then you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section.