Top 5 Salesforce Alternatives for Startup Businesses

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Salesforce is one of the most widely used cloud-based CRM programs in the world and it comes with an extensive range of features and tools that can make the work of their users a lot easier. One has to do a basic integration when onboarding salesforce as a CRM for their business. Salesforce integration is the process of merging the data and functionality of Salesforce with another application to provide users with a single unified experience. The Salesforce development companies in India strongly recommend using this tool as it can genuinely transform the way you do your business. However, there is one thing about Salesforce that you must know when you are looking to use it for your CRM requirements. You are going to need a whole dedicated team of Salesforce experts with many years of experience who can help you to reap all the rich rewards that Salesforce has for you. Most SMBs are essentially focused on enhancing their own businesses instead of watching the way how Salesforce might be changing the methods of doing business on a general basis. 

It is exactly for this reason that many startup businesses these days look for Salesforce alternatives that can work out for them. Here is a list of 5 such programs that you can consider for your CRM needs. All of these programs are also recommended by the Salesforce consulting companies.


Pipedrive is one of the most useful CRM systems that can help SMBs to develop and manage the sales pipelines. Robust and flexible, Pipedrive offers three different packages that can offer numerous great features to the startup business owners. With the customizable templates and the distinct click-and-drag feature offered by Pipedrive, it can become a lot easier for users to manage all kinds of customer information. The Pipedrive plans are also more cost-effective than the Salesforce Lightning Professional plan, which really makes it a good option for anyone looking to have a user-friendly yet affordable CRM.


Kondesk CRM by Konze

KONDESK CRM, an advanced tool tailored specifically for immigration agents seeking comprehensive solutions. This software boasts a robust suite of features, encompassing lead, task, and document management, among others.

Experience a 360° customer view that effortlessly consolidates client details, service requests, and follow-up information. Seamlessly integrate with platforms like Microsoft Teams for flexible appointment scheduling.

Efficiently oversee client accounts, invoices, and payment histories with KONDESK CRM, streamlining business operations for immigration professionals. The KONDESK dashboard offers real-time insights into lead metrics, statistics, and business growth, empowering users to monitor and optimize performance seamlessly.


Freshsales is a CRM program that is designed for SMBs and it also offers features that are closely related to Artificial Intelligence. Some of these features include Intelligent Workflows, AI-oriented lead scoring tools, powerful integrations, and event tracking. The software is very easy to use and comes with a flexible and robust interface that enables the companies to manage sales at a rapid pace. With the help of Freshsales, companies can genuinely give full attention to each of the leads and customers that they handle. 


If you are new to the world of CRMs and you feel that you are not really that tech-savvy to handle a top grade and complex CRM program, then you should certainly use Base as it can really offer you competent solutions without you having to go through a lot of trouble. Base also has an Android app which means that you can have access to all your vital CRM information from any place at any time. The main uses of Base include mobility, integration and pipeline management and you can handle them easily with the help of its highly intuitive interface.   

Sugar CRM

Sugar CRM provides users with a wide range of crucial management features like pipeline management, account management and opportunity management. Additionally, the sales teams can also get features like process automation, sales development, sales prospecting, mobile productivity and analytics, all of which can be extremely beneficial for the SMBs. The great thing about Sugar CRM is that all of its features are available at the most affordable prices and can be customized to suit the individual needs of a company. 


When you choose Infusionsoft, you not only get to have a powerful CRM tool but also have access to a range of other useful components such as online sales software, email marketing, sales automation software, marketing automation software and mobile app just to name a few. Infusionsoft also offers a training program for sales managers that can train them on the diverse tools and features offered by Infusionsoft. Moreover, Infusionsoft also provides sales managers with an extensive marketplace that has more than 800 apps for purchase. These apps can enhance the power and efficiency of the CRM software and make it readily customizable.        

Once you have decided that you are going to enhance the efficiency of your startup business with a powerful CRM, make sure that you consider the programs listed above as they can definitely help you to enhance your overall ROI margins.