Top 5 Photo Editing Software You Should Have

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 If you are a professional photographer or a photo maniac, you are in a position to explain why it is vital to achieve perfection when it comes to photos. No one wants a picture with flaws to reach social media platforms. More so, the internet never forgets: everyone wants to be remembered as the winner of the best selfies challenges. Thanks to advancements in technology you can find a photo software that can help you fix that lighting problem that seems to get in the way of your perfect photos.

However, that can only be possible if you do not work with the best photo software in the market. While it might be hard to tell which one is ideal, unless you try it out, of course, the following is a list of photo editing software that will be worth your time.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the most popular photo editing software. Well, it is not in vain. Its performance is exceptional. The beauty of this software is that it will not require for you to attend photo editing classes to find a way around it. What has the software got in the offering? You are talking about face detection features that help in ensuring that the capture is particular to avoid blurred results. Have you ever captured the perfect picture but the same cannot be said about the background? Well, not so many photo editing software will give you the option of making the background less visible. Adobe Lightroom will help you fix that.

You can also sync the software with other devices making it easy for you to share the perfected photos.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe is not yet done with providing the best photo software. On top of Lightroom, there is also Adobe Photoshop which is perfect for the artists and people who like to get creative with pictures. If you have come across a photo that screams Photoshop, then that tells you that the creator is yet to come across Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe provides the best photo layering and retouch tools. The filters are more and advanced to give quality results for the professionals. It also has 3D functionality. If you are looking for a photo editing software that will meet your Photoshop needs, then this is the place to be.

3. SkylumLuminar

Should there be a fuss about this photo editing software? Of course yes! The software has managed to earn popularity across the globe with its millions of users originating from different corners of the world. It only says much about the satisfaction it gives the users. With this software, you are bound to get the most out of it. It goes all the way from tonic, a wide array of adjustments, clarity and many more.

What are its unique features? Its filters are like no others. It includes playing around with nature, creating sunrays, Orton filters and so on. For the tech-savvy folk, you also get presets for DJI drone photos.

4. On1 Photo RAW

On1 Photo Raw is yet another photo editing software that is worth your attention. If you have doubts about it, the developer offers interested users with a trial version to clear of any doubts concerning the performance of the software.

You should not expect any complications when it comes to getting started with the fantastic editor. Downloading it is easy and in no time installation will be done and ready for work. And, guess what? The photo editor provides you with over 170 effects to pick from: which are also compatible with any operating system.

Download ON1 Photo Raw and have a feel of the exciting stackable filters, custom presets, live adjustments, previews and many more.

 5. Capture One

Well, the developer must have been implying that with this software there would be no need for you to take a hundred selfies only to get one that is Instagram worthy. It is just but a wild guess, but it makes sense. The features are out of this world. You are talking about the ability to customize the interface which also helps you find your way around the app quickly.

That is not all. The color editing features are advanced and not limited to single shades but tens of hues of the same color. With all those features, the performance of the software has not been compromised. You should not expect slow loading with time. It will get you the perfect picture in only a matter of seconds.

Are you looking for a photo editing software? Then look no further the above five software will give you the results you have been anticipating for.