Converting To And From PDF: Your Top 3 Online PDF Converters

pdf to other files illustration

People in businesses, teachers, students, almost everyone relies on using PDF files to send, receive, and present files and documents. PDF is the most convenient and secured file format that has ever been introduced to us. But even PDF files have limitations. At some point, you will need to turn that PDF file into a PowerPoint, a Word document, Excel, or even an image file to edit the file further or for the receiver to gain access to the file and many more.

There are many options to choose from when you want to turn your PDF into another format. One option would be to redo the contents of your PDF file manually, but that would waste so much time and energy. The next option is to download a converter tool, but that would be too costly. Another option would be gaining access to an online converter tool. Here are the top 3 most convenient online PDF converter tools that would catch your attention and most likely be the ones you need.

GoGoPDF: Converting Your Files To And From PDF For Free

GoGoPDF’s PDF converter tool will surely take most of the workload for you. With this tool, everything’s unbelievable, so easy. Just upload the file and let the PDF converter handle everything. GoGoPDF is an all-in-one PDF converter tool. You don’t have to go to other websites if you want your file converted into Word, then another file to Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. You can all do it with GoGoPDF. Everything about PDF, you can count on GoGoPDF.

GoGoPDF’s fast processor converts PDF files to another format in merely minutes. When using GoGoPDF’s PDF online converter tool, the converted output will be the best possible. And the contents of the document will be exactly the same as the initial file—everything about the original file, such as the words, pictures, graphs, and the sheet, will be the same and editable. 

There are four easy to familiarize steps in converting your PDF to another format. The first step in the conversion is to upload the PDF file from your device, or you can simply drag the file and drop it in the conversion box. Next will be, GoGoPDF will start scanning the file and then extracting it. Wait for the tool to copy the formats and texts from your initial file and then select the format you want. After processing, you can now download the newly converted file.

PDF Bear: The All In One Online PDF Converter Tool

PDF Bear is an all in one online converter tool. Everything about converting PDF to another file format and vice-versa. You can conveniently and quickly convert your PDF file to popular file formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many more. This tool doesn’t limit only to converting file formats to another but also merging, splitting, organizing, and optimizing your files and documents. Everything about PDF files, you can do it with PDF Bear hassle-free.

PDF Bear’s PDF converter is also a full package. The converter tool converts to and from PDF. When a conversion happens, PDF Bear ensures that the output will have the highest possible quality. You don’t have to think twice about security because, with PDF Bear, privacy is paramount. And as a fully packaged converter tool for PDF files, PDF Bear caters to converting PDF to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Solid Documents accommodate this tech. 

Converting from and to PDF with PDF Bear’s PDF converter has never been easier. There are only a few brief and straightforward steps in the conversion. The first step is to choose the file from your device, and then the converter tool will automatically detect your file and convert it to your desired file format. After the process bar finishes, you can download the newly converted file, but if you want to furtherly edit or compress the file, you can also do so.

Smallpdf: Converting To And From PDFs Free Online

This online converter tool is not what you think it is. It’s big; that’s why it is included at the top when browsing for online converter tools. With Small PDF, you can convert your files fast and easily. Smallpdf’s pdf converter tool converts PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, and it’s vice versa. It has never been convenient.

You don’t have to worry about this online-based service’s security because your security is Smallpdf’s priority. All the file transfers are guaranteed with a higher level of SSL encryption. Moreover, Smallpdf deletes all file uploads from the server automatically. 

When converting, the first step is to upload the file you wish to convert, and then the PDF converter tool will automatically upload and transform the file into a PDF. After the process bar finishes, you can now download the PDF to your device or export it to Dropbox or G-drive.


PDF converter or PDF editor tools are convenient when you’re working on files that need to be converted or edited in a rush. It really takes off the workload, minus the time wasted on downloading unnecessary and costly programs or apps to your device. Whether you’re still a student or a professional, getting your hands on a PDF converter or editor tool is truly convenient. Online converter tools are the best and convenient way to convert your PDF files into another format. There are so many converter tools out there, but choosing one that is easy to learn, navigate, and comfortable would be a challenge. We hope this article gave you the best three options for PDF converters to choose from.