Tools Required for IoT Development – A Developer’s Guide

IoT App development

Internet of Things (IoT) is a new trending phase of technology which we can see and experience in our daily lives. IoT refers to the communication and connectivity between things such as internet enabled devices, actuators, sensors, people and processes with unique identifiers. Today the technology world is working to improve the daily life standards of an average user by contributing to improved health, business innovations, and personal health trackers. Today IoT is being used worldwide in every aspect of life may it be healthcare, business, agriculture or manufacturing. 

When it comes to building an IoT project, a developer needs to go an extra mile as IoT software development is slightly different than a regular app or web development. IoT developers need to have a sound knowledge about IoT development boards, sensors, actuators, programming languages and IDEs. If you are new to the IoT world and planning to build your own IoT projects. Here’s your complete guide on software tools you will need to develop and run your IoT project. 

Integrated development environment (IDE)

IDE allows you to edit, save and run your code on your IoT board. You can download supporting IDE from the website of the IoT board provider. There are numbers of boards to choose from. Let’s start building your first IoT project using Arduino. Download Arduino IDE from their website for free and which is available for Windows, macOS X and Linux (32- and 64-bit versions).

IoT Kit

Your IoT kit is one of the most important tools you will need to start building your IoT based project. This kit includes everything you may need to build a basic IoT based project. Yur kit should have an IoT board, sensors, actuators and other basic components.

USB Cable

Ensure you have a compatible USB cable to connect your Arduino board with your PC. Read the instructions provided by your board manufacturer. 

Computer with compatible OS

Computer, it’s an essential tool you need to edit and deploy your code. You can choose a computer having macOS, Windows OS or Linux OS. Arduino supports all the major operating systems available in the market. Read all the basic hardware requirements before you set up your computer as the hardware requirements may vary from board to board. 

Programming Language

Programming languages are another important tool you need to start developing your IoT based project. Get hands-on C/C++ or other high leverage programming languages which Arduino support. However, Arduino has its own simplified version of C++ which can be learnt easily if you have good programming skills. 


This world is full of choices when it comes to the software industry and the same goes with the IoT development. You can choose your IoT kit and programming interface as per your comfort as there are numbers of IoT boards to choose from. If you are not a developer and want to get your IoT based software or application developed, go and have a check at These guys are really doing good with IoT development and have helped hundreds of enterprises build their IoT based software products.