Tips and Tweaks to Boost Your Internet Speed

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Slow internet can take a lot of tolls, especially when you are unto something important. Whether you are preparing your assignment, company’s presentation, binge-watching Netflix originals, or downloading something important, a slow speed would be a great disruptor while doing online activities.

Internet speeds can slow down due to many reasons. It might be due to a service outage, an upgrade in the existing infrastructure, the device’s configuration, and much more. The only way to deal with it is by either calling customer support or tryinga few tweaks to get it back to normal.

If you are facing an issue for a while, many ISPs won’t offer you timely support when needed. However, not when it comes to Cox internet that offers customer service all time without letting you wait. You can contact Cox customer support and talk to them in English or Spanish. For Spanish speakers, cox enespañol is the right way to get the issues resolved instantly. Call whenever you want 24/7 and get back to normal online activities.

If customer support has confirmed that everything is working fine on their end, it is time to take some steps on your part. Here are some of the things you could do to get your internet back to normal. Let’s find out some simple tricks and tips to help you boost your internet.

Disconnect Idle Devices

It is not only you or other family members using the bandwidth. You might have some other devices at your home, connected to the internet, and eating up the bandwidth. For instance, a smartphone in a living room might not be in use by anyone, but as long as it is connected to the network, it may run apps in the background. These apps badly affect the speed of your internet. Make sure to disconnect the devices from the network completely. It would help you speed up your internet and browse the internet without any struggle.

Restart Your Router

You won’t even remember when was the last time you switched off your wireless router. If not, now is the time to give your router a break for a while. Disconnect the router from the main power and wait for a few minutes to cool it down. This activity must be done regularly every month or two. Resetting your router also fixes the slow internet issues and helps you to experience optimal speed after plugging back.

Relocate Your Router

In today’s world, we all rely on wireless connections and devices. If you have an internet connection at home, we assume that you are using a WiFi router to connect seamlessly across all devices without being tangled in cables. Today most of the routers available online offer you the best placement where every corner of the home is covered.

But placing your router somewhere in the middle of your home can resolve your WiFi signals and slow-speed internet. If you have placed your router in a closet, the signals might not reach every part of your home. In addition, if your router is interrupted by radio waves or other signals, it won’t act normally.

Make sure to reposition your router and find a place where signals can reach throughout the home. If that does not work either, you can buy a WiFi extender to allow better coverage of signals throughout the home.

Replace Your Router

Your modem and router are the key drivers of internet speed. If one of them is not working, the other can’t perform up to par. If you have an old router, you might need to get a replacement and purchase a new one.

If you have rented a piece of equipment from your service provider, you can request a new one. However, buying your equipment will help you to save monthly rentals that can be anywhere from $10-$20. Buying your router will also give you the leverage to choose the one that gives you optimal speed while gaming, streaming, or downloading.

Update Router’s Firmware

If you are using a modem router combo, your manufacturer will time to time send firmware updates. Make sure to update it as soon as it notifies you. It would also help you to stay away from any security and privacy vulnerabilities.

Upgrade Your Plan

If you are a heavy internet user, you might need to upgrade your plan. Sometimes internet users might undermine the usage and end up buying a plan that does not meet their requirements. If that is the case, you can simply pick up the phone and call customer service. Before that, you need to check the prices and plans and analyze whether it suits your daily internet requirements or not.

Summing Up

Internet disconnection and speed issues are normal. The aforementioned tweaks and tricks will help you to resolve the issue instantly. However, in any other case, you can call customer support or switch to another provider.