Three Lessons on Customer Service to Learn From the Gaming Industry


In order to build a strong and successful company, there are certain foundations you must first put in place. A cohesive and efficient team is one of them; a focused business plan another. Above all, however, you have to learn how to deliver exceptional customer service. 

That’s because it’s the client experience that primarily sets you apart from your competitors. In order to not only reel customers in, but also (and more importantly) retain them, you need to provide the sort of service that will earn their loyalty and impress them. 

This is something the online casino sector is exceptionally good at. Conducted solely over the internet, it has no bricks-and-mortar premises by which to impress, nor any feet on the ground to charm and entice. 

Instead, its most successful members have no option but to deliver genuinely gold-standard customer service, and they have some very clever ways of doing this. Here are three that you can learn from. 

Absolute professionalism

As a company, it’s important to remember that you and your customers have two very distinct roles. The onus is on you and anyone who works for you to be professional in your dealings, no matter the circumstances. For this reason, it’s imperative only to employ those who are able to deliver the sort of service you can be proud of, which is why we always advise putting those with experience in customer-facing roles. 

For example, there’s no game like live roulette for requiring absolute professionalism, which is why online casinos employ human croupiers to represent them. Possessing an in-depth knowledge of the game and its intricacies, they are able to provide consumers with commentary and conversation throughout the session, be it Age of the Gods Roulette or Football Roulette. As they deliver an authentic and enjoyable player experience, individuals are encouraged to return.    

Around-the-clock customer support 

As well as employing proven professionals to represent them over the internet, online casinos are very good at delivering around-the-clock customer support. The obvious boon of this is that it makes your company seem accessible, while also suggesting that you care about ensuring that your client’s needs are met. 

One way you can deliver this is by following the example set by online casinos and installing a live chat feature on your website. While this can be more difficult for smaller businesses with tighter budgets, there are outsourcing options out there for those who want to explore it further.   

Rewards for loyalty

As well as delivering around-the-clock support and absolute professionalism, you can also enhance your customer service by providing rewards for loyalty. Research suggests that increasing retention by just five percent can boost your profits by anywhere from 25 to 95 percent. This obviously makes it a highly sought-after achievement, and there’s a way to secure it that can also improve the client experience.  

We’re talking about rewards, which online casinos do so well. Special promotions and bonuses targeted at returning players are a frequently used device within the industry, and one that other businesses can emulate for the same result. These can range, for example, from discounts for those who purchase again through to the chance to be included in a competition. The idea is simply that the the incentive rewards the customer for shopping with you.  Tell us, could your business take these lessons and put them to good use to improve your own client experience?