Things to Consider When Buying a Domain

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Are you planning to get a website? Do you want to convert your blog into a website? Will it be an eCommerce website for your business? Will it be an informative website with blog posts? No matter what the reason is, if you want a website, there are certain things you should know. Those who are already in the field will have an idea about what to do and how to get a domain and choose web hosting services. But, what about those who are not aware of any of these things!

In this blog, let us see what domain and web hosting services are. Then let us know what we need to keep in mind when buying a domain to create a website.

Domain Name

Just as we have a name, so does a website. This name is known as the domain. It has to be purchased and registered before it can be used. You can get some domains for free from the companies that offer web hosting services. Domains and web hosting go hand in hand. One is dependent on another. For a website to be live and accessed by customers or users, it needs a domain and a web host.

Web Hosting

The process of storing the website and web pages on a server for users to access it on the internet is known as web hosting. When any user wants to open the website, the person either clicks on the link or enters the website address into the URL bar. This action will connect their computer (or the device they are using) to the server. The data from the website is loaded onto the device for the user to see the information.

For the service providers to host a website on their servers, they will require the domain name of the website. This is one of the main reasons why most service providers offer free or discounted domains along with hosting services. You can easily Get Cheapest Domain In India by contacting the service providers.

But it is essential for you to know how to choose a domain name. It is essential to get it right the first time. Though you can get another domain and build a new website, your business is identified using your domain, and this could impact your business in more ways than one.

Close Enough Domains Will Not Always Work

.com is the most used extension in the industry. While there are numerous other extensions that are easily available, not all are suitable for your website. Some of them have specific restrictions such as a .org extension is used by non-profit organizations. .in website denotes that the business is located in India, while .au denotes that the business is from Australia. Each country has an extension of its own.

Many people tend to go for a different extension if the domain name they want is already registered and used. But this could lead to some potential problems like-

  • Customers might get confused and end up visiting the original website instead of yours. And if both belong to the same industry, you will end up helping your competitor.
  • There could be legal implications of using a variation of an existing domain.

Using different spellings, numerals, or hyphens in the domain name is not recommended. Adding an extra letter or removing a letter from an existing domain name to create a new one is risky. By default, people will remember the actual spellings and not the modified ones. This will again lead them to another website instead of yours.

Numbers and hyphens can cause confusion when you have to read out the name of the website. Moreover, people might forget where the hyphen should go. Not many want to try various combinations to visit the website. If the link doesn’t open, they are likely to move to another business.

Buy From Trusted Registrar

While there are many service providers available in the market, it is always for the best to choose someone you can trust. Don’t go for a special offer alone. Take into account the services they provide and their credibility among the existing clients. Get Cheapest Domain In India from reputed service providers and make full use of the benefits they offer.

Buy For a Longer Duration

As mentioned before, you can always change the domain of your website. But there are many advantages of buying the domain for a minimum of two years or more. Domain registrations are usually done for a year. By registering it for a longer duration, you can good discounts and also reap the benefits of SEO marketing. Lastly, keep in mind to not buy domain names in an auction. They are more expensive and not as useful for all businesses.