The Ultimate Guide to Signature Generator Cocosign

e-signature illustration

An electronic signature, or an e-signature, applies to equipment in electronic form which is technically correlated in electronic form with other data and which is used for signature by the signatory. 

This type of signature offers the very same legal status as a handwritten signature, given that it complies with the needs of the proposed legislation under which it was formed. 

Electronic signatures, a cryptographic method frequently used to enforce electronic signatures, are a legal term distinct from digital signatures. While an electronic signature may be as simple as a name inserted in an electronic document, digital signatures are increasingly being used to incorporate electronic signatures in a cryptographically secured manner in e-commerce and regulatory filings.

Wet-ink signatures have been rendered almost obsolete by enhancements and updates to online signature generators, particularly where security is essential. As a principle, businesses that want their processes to be in line with the most current developments in business communication should digitize all their processes. Integrating an online signature generator like CocoSign into their workflows is one way to do this. 

What is a Signature Generator?

A signature generator is a program that enables the digital signing of documents. This substitutes signed documents with digital documents that can be considered reliable and reviewed.

An online tool that allows you to input your hand signature and convert it to image format is a Signature Creator or Signature Generator. You can then download and use your digital signature to sign PDF and Doc documents or add it to your email signature.

How to Make A Signature with A Signature Creator?

Alternatives for electronic signatures find things simple to submit e-signatures in simple, easy changes to documents. For the intent of this realistic presentation, we will be using CocoSign as an instance. Using this easy, insightful digital signature supplier, here’s how to build a virtual signature:

1. Draw or Type

Simply go to the signature generator page of CocoSign. New alternatives, “Draw” or “Type” will be provided to build your signature. The former helps you to create your signature using a mouse, stylus pen, such as signing on paper, while the latter provides various types and styles after writing the text for you to choose among.

2. Save

Click the Save” key after customizing your signature with the CocoSign e-signature generator. You may also select “Clear ” to undo mis performed gestures when drawing your signature before you build a better appropriate signature.“Also, visit CocoSign’s signature generator page, this guide will help you get through the process. 

3. Download

Once the signature development is finished, to store your signature directly on your computer for subsequent use, press ‘Download’.

What Are Electronic  Signatures Makers Used for?

Electronic signature manufacturers and technologies have become highly sought after because of the growing importance of electronic signatures to companies and organizations. They are used to digitize and simplify the operations of many organizations. The following are the usage cases of digital signature makers:

1. New Customer Forms

For most firms, without a signed contract, there is no existing partnership between the brand and the client. In clearer words, without the authorization or agreement of the customer in the form of a signature, an agreement cannot be finalized. Sometimes, because of the over-reliance on physical documents, business transactions do not go through.

2. Change Orders

A huge amount of work includes large projects. However, they need little modification, no matter how well but they are. Take, for instance, a modification of the already made on well. There may be adjustments in an attempt because the client no longer needs to take on a task or because the performance of supplies concerns them. For whatever justification this change might be, it can take time to change an order and thus adversely affect the completion date of the project.

3. Customer Approvals

Manufacturing can not start until there is finalization for brands dealing with custom-made products. These teams can easily retrieve authorizations from the organizations involved with electronic signatures to take a hint with the production process.

4. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)

For payments that need a specific kind of protection and secrecy, NDAs are a prerequisite. When signing NDAs, wet-ink signatures may cause legal problems for the parties concerned. They are also pretty distracting. Organizations can process a compliant audit trail by using a signature manufacturer online, which guarantees that the NDA is completed and conducted promptly by the initial agreement.

5. Sales Contracts

Sales contracts are standard transactional documents used in the automobile and real estate sectors, among many other contracts and disclosures. Businesses can easily manage, control, and record the progress of their transactions with the use of an electronic signature maker. 

6. Employee Onboarding

A lot of paperwork is involved with recruiting a new employee. To collect information about the recruit, including benefits registrations, tax, and contact information, different types of employee forms are required. Companies and their HR departments can complete these documents easily and with ease using a digital signature manufacturer.

Key Considerations in Choosing Signature Generators

Today, many electronic signature generators are on the market, each of which offers a truckload of advantages. But how do you know the one to go with and the one to ditch with? The main considerations to make when selecting electronic signature generators are the following.

1. Usability

There are very easy-to-use and user-friendly platforms for the best electronic signature solutions. Try your hands on the platform before you select an online signature generator, taking advantage of the free trial period to discover the full experience of sending and signing documents online.

2. Compliance with the law

Like handwritten wet-ink signatures, electronic signatures are typically legally enforceable. When they become so, however, there are some norms to be encountered. Take the accuracy and completeness of the signature, for instance. Not worth a try is an electronic signature generator that doesn’t feature prominently on these metrics.

3. Verification

The online signature supplied by the remedy for digital signature should be such that it can not be rejected. The signature should, in other words, be verifiable by the parties involved.


With the increase in falsification and information fraud situations, businesses have started to greet the concept of digital signatures. However, they can only really appreciate the benefits if they’re using an appropriate electronic signing alternative, one that can be seamlessly converted into the work process of the corporation. That is why it is very important to select the correct electronic signature equipment manufacturer like CocoSign.