The Ultimate Guide Getting the Best Sleeper for Baby

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When you are expecting a newborn, one of the most important things that parents do is finding a comfortable place where the baby can sleep. According to experts, babies should share a similar room with the parent for a period of about 6 months. In as much as you are sharing a room, it is important to have the baby sleep in a co-sleeping bassinet or bedside sleeper.

There are several sleeping options that you can choose depending on the one you find right for your baby. You can either choose the best portable crib, cradle, bassinet, baby swing, co-sleeper or play yard. Regardless of the sleeping options you go for, you need to know a few things so that you can end up with the right product. The following tips will help you make a wise decision when buying the best sleeper for baby.


Safety should be your first consideration when you are choosing a sleeper for your baby. Make sure that you check ASTM and JPMA labels to ensure that it meets the right safety standards. You want to get the safest sleeping environment for your little one to prevent chances of strangulation and entrapment.

Holding Mechanism

If you opt for a bedside sleeper, it is great to consider the holding mechanism. How does it hold next to the parent’s bed? Does it leave a gap? Another important thing that you should consider is the mattress support. It should be sturdy enough such that no sagging or dipping takes place.

Weight and Age Limits

Many parents forget to check the weight or the age limit when selecting a sleeper for their babies. For instance, if you choose a bassinet, the maximum weight limit is around 15-20 pounds but some can have a higher weight limit. Make sure that you check the instruction given by the manufacturer regarding the weight limit and age so that you can get a safe sleeper for your baby. Knowing the weight requirements will also help you choose the best crib for twins where they can get full support without compromising their safety.

Mattress Support

Comfort should also be on your mind when you are selecting a sleeping environment for your baby. The mattress should provide the right support and it should be strong to hold your baby without flexing or bedding. You can press the edges of the mattress or in the middle to find out if there are spot dips. Make sure that you select a comfortable mattress that will be suitable for your baby. If the mattress has a hammock effect, then it is not ideal for babies who cannot extract themselves. With that, the best crib mattress is essential for a great night of sleep.


Based on the sleeping option you choose for your baby, you should also consider the bedding. A baby requires fitted sheets that should cover the mattress well. The sheets should also be removable making it easy to clean since babies can get messy sometimes. You can also check if the mattress features a waterproof cover and whether the mattress is machine washable.

Alternative Use

If you have a bedside sleeper, you can use for a few months to create a nice sleeping spot for your baby. You can buy sleepers that provide other functions like being used a play yard or other functions. Also, consider a model that is easy to fold making it convenient for travel.

Other Features

Some cradles and bassinets come with toys that hang from the canopy. In other models, you can find sound effects, lights, vibrations and music. On top of that, you can check for extra features like locking wheels or underneath basket. All these are important features that make the bassinet fun and easy to use for both the baby and the parent.

Final Words

Every parent wants to keep his or her baby safe and close to them. This is why you need to look for a convenient sleeper for baby that is not only comfortable but also safe. With the many sleeping options available, it can be tough to select the right one that will suit your baby’s needs.

I have tried to enlighten you n some of the most important things that you should think about when you are buying the best sleeper for your baby. I believe after going through the above tips, you will find it easy to select the most suitable sleeper for your baby.