The Role of Artificial Intelligence In Fitness

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Fitness

Technology has found its way into just about everything we deal with in the modern age, especially since the advent of touch screen smart phones. Since the pandemic last year, more and more businesses have gone online, leading to a surge of online solutions for every problem. This is true of fitness as well.

The lockdown rendered the use of gyms moot, causing people to work out at home. As a result, people turned to applications and online fitness routines to help them with their workouts and nutrition. According to a piece by Forbes, 80% of men are exercising more now without having access to gyms than in the pre-Covid era. In this article, we shall look at the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fitness.

How AI Affected The Fitness Industry?

Considering how AI is one of the leading and most widely used technologies on the market, it should not surprise you that AI is here to become and remain as an integral part of most industries, including fitness.

You can count on AI to:

  • Optimize your sales and marketing decisions
  • Track health behaviors
  • Rework individual habits

…and more, to help you with your fitness journey. Here are a few specific ways an AI development company can help you:

#1 AI-Based Personal Trainer

This is one of the most significant benefits of AI in the fitness industry. If you work out, chances are you’ve progressed more when you had a personal trainer to help you out. Fortunately, now, you have AI solution development to help you with this.

In a nutshell, a personal trainer, or in this case, an AI-powered personal trainer will help you achieve your goals. These apps are designed to offer personalized help to enable you to accomplish your fitness and lifestyle goals.

AI-powered fitness apps are designed to keep track of your goals, eating habits, current fitness level, workouts, and more, the same way a human personal trainer would. For this, you will have to switch on the camera and perform the exercise, and the app will correct you if needed.

#2 Better Coaching, Better Performance

When it comes to fitness, AI solution developmentsare particularly useful for beginners. As you know now, you can expect to receive real-time, custom instructions, to help you plan and carry out your workouts based on your requirements and current fitness level.
Some companies are working on developing sensors that you can place on your workout clothes to track your body movements. These sensors track your movements and give you personalized instructions to correct them to ensure you perform the exercises properly. While this currently works for regular fitness exercises and yoga, AI is finding its way into other sports as well.

#3 Smarter Fitness Wearables

Here’s another avenue for AI solution developments. While devices like the Apple Watch are designed to collect data, AI is now tuning them to track your heartbeats and detect signs of stroke or diabetes. You can expect these wearables to give you a complete view of your profile soon.

Smart wearables are now designed to keep track of your progress and the time you’ve spent on your workouts. You may share this data with your coaches. With AI in place, you can expect to have a virtual assistant by your side, that gives you specific workout instructions as you workout.

#4 AI-Driven Diet Planning

No workout can get you the results you want unless you follow a proper diet. AI can help you optimize your diet and plan your meals, depending on your goals. You probably have a certain weight limit you want to hit or a specific type of workout you want to carry out. This is where AI-driven diet planning can help you.

AI-driven diet planning is based on the data captured in a short period. You can use AI-powered fitness apps to make weekly adjustments in your diet, keep tracking of your calorie intake, and so forth.

#5 Increased Conversions And Customer Satisfaction

As you know by now, AI helps automate multiple processes, thus reducing costs. The use of a Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) has reportedly reduced phone and email inquiries by a flat 70%. Customers can now enjoy a smoother user experience, which is why there is a boost in customer satisfaction and conversions.


Ultimately, AI has managed to make a huge impact, especially considering how many parts of the world do not have regular access to gyms. Even when the lockdowns rollover, you can be sure that AI-powered fitness apps will shape people’s workout habits, dietary plans, and so forth. If you are looking to build a fitness app or integrate AI capabilities in your existing fitness application, Quytech, a leading mobile app development company, can help. With years of dominance in the industry, it has got all the resources and expertise to help you meet your needs and achieve business goals.