The Best Travel Insurance for Seniors: Travel and See The World


It’s time to see the world, and you are a senior citizen, having a reliable travel insurance plan is vital. With a solid travel insurance plan, you will be able to enjoy your travel without unnecessary troubles and worries concerning your health or a misplaced suitcase. It’s therefore essential to avoid unwarranted fears as a senior and enjoy your holidays and travels. However, it’s critical to consider a travel insurance plan that meets your expectations and beyond.

1. Travel Insurance Plan

A travel insurance plan is an insurance cover that protects you against financial risks and also covers your medical needs while on travel. It also covers extra costs due to delays as well as damagesor loss of your luggage. A travel insurance plan also covers travel cancellation costs due to sickness. A travel seniors insurance plan provides some financial safety while travelling.


It’s important to note that your healthcare insurance, Medicare, does not cover your medical expenses when you travel out of the US.

2. Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance has several benefits but when on travel which includes;

Covers medical costs while on a trip

If you get sick during your trip, the travel insurance firm will cover your medical expenses. Look for a cover that will consider your pre-existing condition; it is essential to have a plan covering your situation. Your travel insurance can cover a pre-existing condition by an exclusion waiver of the disease. However, it’s important to note that Medicare coverage overseas does not work.


Medical evacuation insurance covers the cost of evacuation to a medical facility that will provide you with the medical services you require if you lack the necessary medical facilities in your location.

Trip cancellation Reimbursement

 You will get a rebate if you cancel your trip due to an illness or injury.

Covers losses due to lost or damaged luggage

If you lose your luggage, your travel insurance may cover the loss of expensive items in your luggage, such as medicine.

Expatriation in case of a disaster

In case of a disaster, your travel insurance will evacuate you to a safer place.

Ambulance services

In case of an emergency, ambulance services will come in handy to ensure you receive quality medical care under safe conditions.

3. Features of A Good Travel Insurance plan for You

  • To know the best kind of travel insurance you need, you have to understand your health status fast. Check the status of your blood pressure, sugar level and others.
  • A good travel insurance plan should understand you and take care of your needs during your travelling period.
  • Should be able to cover pre-existing medical conditions up to severe disease.
  • A travel plan that covers mental health conditions for seniors would be great.
  • When travelling, young family members may decide to accompany you on your trip. The insurance plan should be able to accommodate your accompaniment during your travel.
  • The travel insurance plan should also be able to cover both short travel periods and long travel periods.
  • The travel insurance plan should be able to accommodate seniors of all ages.
  • A good travel plan should also cover you internationally as you make your trips.

4. How to Choose the Right Plan

Only a few travel insurance plans have special programs for senior citizens. Most of the travel insurance firms will provide services to seniors under their regular insurance program. Age is an essential factor in insurance in determining premiums you have to pay and also your benefits. Therefore, it’svital to check the insurance plans against your age to understand your obligations, options, and the benefits under your plan.

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Also, remember that the higher the risk you pose for claiming coverage when buying insurance, the more expensive the plan becomes.

5. Travel Medical Plans recommendations For Seniors

Schengen Travel Insurance

 Offers travel insurance coverage for senior citizens and do not have an age limit. You can get Schengen travel insurance for seniors through AXA, MondialCare, and Provisit-Visum companies. Its coverage ranges between Euros 30,000-100,000 for a maximum period of 180 days.

Atlas Travel Insurance

It provides you with an opportunity to choose maximums, deductibles, and coverage duration.

Deductibles- range between $0- $5000

Coverage- Range between $10000-2,000,000

AXA Assistant Travel Insurance

Baggage loss coverage- $1,500

Missed cruise tour coverage-$1000

Nation Wide Cruise Choice plan

Provides max $100,000 for emergency medical expenses

-$500,000 for emergency medical evacuation

-$25,000 for non-medical evacuation

6. Tips

  • Always maintain your regular insurance coverage. Travel insurance is not a replacement for your standard insurance cover.
  • Don’t rely on credit cards for protection- Whereas credit cards offer some protection, it is not wise to rely on credit cards for protection when on travel. The process is slow, and the coverage is minimal.
  • Insurance companies usually have 24hr emergency numbers; get this number from your travel insurance firm;it can save you in case of a complication.
  • Do not drink and harm yourself; your claim may never go through. Keep safe during your travel.


After retirement, you may feel the need to get travel the world and experience different cultures. However, as a senior citizen taking care of your health is paramount. Most diseases catch up with age. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure you get health coverage that suits your needs, whether at home, travelling, or abroad. Chose a travel insurance company that will help you fulfil your dreams without worrying about your health.