The Attune Review: Effortless Server Automation

Attune For Server Automation by Servertribe

Attune is a server automation solution from ServerTribe. As a business owner in 2021, it is essential to be online. The ongoing global pandemic has shown how our society relies on the internet to function correctly in this new normal. Managing servers is a chore for a lot of people. The manual management of the backend processes can be pretty challenging. We are here to offer you solutions that will simplify the management and enhance the results.

What Attune has to offer

Attune is a premium server automation solution that cuts through the clutter. System Admins need to keep a check on their servers regularly. To put it simply, it will automate all the manual code that system admins need to run. These codes/scripts are the oil to the gears, which is your server. Here’s a basic gist of how Attune functions.

Automation of repeated processes

In a fast-paced development environment, it is essential to untangle complex problems. When multiple scripts are constantly being repeated, it is ideal for automating them. Attune helps you exactly with this process. It will help you to scale projects at a rapid pace. The automation of your servers through will help in streamlining the build and roll-out processes.

Effective Testing of builds

The server automation will enable you to test the different builds of a project quickly. It is crucial for the hustle-based work culture in most startups and businesses. Your team does not have to wait for a push performance unit testing anymore. It will also make the deployment of builds and updates more accessible to a more extensive user base.


We live in a generation where George Orwell’s 1984 is more of a reality; thus, security is a significant concern for everyone. Manual processes are considered unreliable because of their dependence on coders. Attune takes server security to the next level. Now multiple users in a team don’t need to double-check the status. Your server automation buddy will take care of all these tasks.

How can Attune benefit your organization?

There are tons of features when it comes to attune. It is the perfect match for budding organizations and future tech giant aspirants alike. If you’re hoping to automate your server processes, it is crucial to look at Attune’s quotes. Here are the top advantages of utilizing our premium partner.

Server Patching

A minor server hiccup can halt your essential projects. The server patching through our service enables you to reduce the vulnerabilities and embrace technology. There are multiple endpoints in the scripts to bypass the bugs. Attune identifies the problem and quickly provides an alternative. In the meantime, you can continue working on your projects. It is essential to keep your server up to date with the latest software, avoid malware, and the machine stable.

Resource allocation through servers

Many organizations need to allocate unique server resources to different users. The automation process will simplify this for your long-term use.

It is often known as server provisioning as well. Users can connect the server to a network and work on shared resources. It is an excellent tool for collaboration within a large workplace. It can include separate physical hardware as well.

Audits and compliance

It is probably one of the most bureaucratic features of Attune. An automated server tracks and logs all of your records. The tracking also enables users to ensure that all the processes comply with the local laws, policies, and organization standards. The server owners can set the internal organizational compliances. In some countries, it can also be required to submit organization server logs. Attune makes the job simple through the log process.

To understand more in-depth about how Attune can revolutionize your business, get a quote from our team.


The Attune server automation services are a great way to standardize your organization’s internal processes. It can be a game changer in the way your teams work. It is ideal for resource-heavy builds.