Tedious Tasks – 5 Monotonous Tasks You Can Delegate To Software Bots


A software bot is a program that has been made to complete tasks automatically, so that a human doesn’t have to do them manually. 

New to AI delegation? Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think (and quite addictive). To get you started, here are five monotonous tasks you can delegate to software helpers:

1. Accounts Payable

Accounting is important, but it can be laborious and draining. That’s without even considering the room for human error, which can have grave consequences. 

The good news is that with automated accounts payable, you can have various aspects of the process done by bots who actually improve the efficiency of the process – no time wasted. 

2. Article Editing

Software can’t intelligently edit an article to make it pop. Nor can it add more personality to it. However, plenty of software can help suggest shorter sentences, grammar corrections, and even help with SEO – all at the click of a button. This reduces the article writing and proofing time, enabling you to get all that content ready and online faster, with humans focusing on the more creative and analytical aspects of the process. 

3. File Sorting

You can use software bots to manage your files effectively, saving you a lot of time and energy. You can usually place rules on the organization of the files, and then any file that meets that criteria can be deleted, moved, copied, renamed, or opened.

This is great for saving storage space on your computer system as the bots can, for example, be programmed to identify when a backup file can be deleted after specific checks.

4. Customer Service

Around 90% of Americans use customer service as a factor in deciding whether or not to do business with a company. 

Customer service bots are able to work for your company 24/7, completing time-consuming jobs so that you don’t need to have staff working for you around the clock. They can also save the time that it takes for a customer to speak to the right person, reducing customer frustration. 

Chatbots and AI can do various customer service jobs, including: 

  • Sending out automated emails to let you know about customer inquiries
  • Letting customers know their inquiries have been received and providing a timeframe for a result
  • Data collection from customer inquiries 
  • Live chat using a knowledge base
  • Track and log customer communications 
  • Ticket routing and automation 
  • These are just a few of the many customer service software tasks that can be done more efficiently by bots. 

5. Social Media Management

Over 53% of the world is on social media, and it is essential for any business to make the most of this fact in order to boost their brand and tap into a global customer base.

Software bots can help you manage your social media account in multiple ways that save you a lot of time. One of their best features is the ability to schedule posts. This enables you to prepare tweets well in advance and simply schedule them for the most beneficial time, depending on your target audience and timezone. 

Software bots can also find the best hashtags, provide social media data and analysis, and even auto-respond to customer engagement if you program them for these tasks.