Surface Pro 7 Review: Introduction to Hybrid Machine in Windows


As the entire nation moves to work from home amidst the current pandemic, the choice of getting a laptop for work is getting the most priority. Previously, the office would provide our desktop and laptops under specific features and configurations. But now, it is upon us that we choose the best of all.

But, it can get a little messy because let us all agree that comparison has never been an easy option. Especially with thousands of models of different brands flourishing every now and then. But keeping that in mind, Microsoft has implemented a series of Microsoft laptops known as Surface Pro series.

Apparently, the Surface Pro series has a configuration that falls under our necessities and budget too. However, the Surface Pro 7 is one of the models that top the hierarchy. And since the majority of people are curious about the version, here’s a detailed analysis of Surface Pro 7 Review.

Surface Pro 7: Specifications

Here’s a detailed list of specifications of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 laptop:

  • Display Size: 12.3 Inches (PixelSenseTM Display)
  • Screen Resolution: 2736×1824 Pixels (267 PPI)
  • Processor: QUAD Core 10th generation Intel CoreTM i7 (1065G7)
  • RAM Space: 16 GB (Expandable)
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Plus
  • Storage Space: 256GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  • Ports: USB (Type C and Type A)
  • Camera: 2 (Front & Back)
  • Camera Resolution: Front (5 MegaPixel), Back (8 MegaPixel)
  • Indian Price Value: Rs, 141,999

Furthermore, if you ever face any technical glitches then it can be readily fixed. All you need to do is refer to reliable Microsoft Surface repair services. Often, expert assistance can help you to decide and pick the best version of MS Surface, based on requirements.

Surface Pro 7: What’s In-Store?

The Microsoft team did utilize a lot of time to carve out Surface Pro 7. Unlike other devices, Surface Pro 7 has a sleek design that looks compact and precise but what’s better is its tablet architecture with a kickstand.

So, if you were wondering if you could draw on your laptop screen, then Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has made that possible for you. However, most of the other Surface pro series is similar to 7. But, the difference lies among its refined tuning in configurations and specs.

However, on the same spectrum, there is nothing too exaggerated to be expecting in this version of Surface Pro. Despite the lack of other new features, Surface Pro 7 has some pros like extended battery life. In comparison to other series like Surface Pro X which had affected performance, Surface Pro 7 is better in that case.

The hype of Surface Pro 7 might be a little too much because everything is still the same with some changes and additions. Microsoft could have made some exceptions like adding a USB Type C to the ports or some enhancing configurations.

When it comes to the matter of upgrading to Microsoft Pro 7, then the ideal decision lies upon individuals differently. However, the upcoming series of Surace Neo series might have more than what’s asked for. It could be that Microsoft is saving up its resources from the new generation series.

Price Analysis of Surface Pro 7

The Surface Pro Series came into light on the 22nd of October. The initial price was $749 and Euro 799. Whereas the Australian Dollar AU$ was 1249. Along with that, the charges for Type Cover costs $129, Euro 149, and Australian Dollar AU$249. Now, the cost of Surface Pen is excluded among these. So, the price of the Surface pen is $99, Euro 99, and AU$ 139.

Now, this implies that the overall cost for the Surface Pro 7 is par for the course. If you were to break it down, here’s how you can tell the difference and why each of them costs differently:

  • Intel Core i3 ( 128 & 4GB) price: AU$1249, Euro 799 and $749
  • Core i5 (8GB to 128 GB) price: AU$1499, Euro 899 and $899
  • Intel Core i5 (256GB and 8GB) Price: AU$ 1999, Euro 1,169 and $1199
  • Core i5 (16GB and 128GB) price: AU$ , 349, Euro 1399 and $1399
  • Intel Core i7 (256GB and 16GB) price: AU$ 2449, Euro 1449, $1499
  • Core i7 (512GB and 16GB) price: AU$3149, Euro 1849, $1899
  • Intel Core i7 (1TB and 16GB) price: AU$2,299, Euro 2249 and $3,749

The price for each of them differs separately country-wise. So, if you were to make a purchase for Surface Pro 7, then you’d be spending a total of $1460 in the United States.

Design Analysis

When it comes to design, not much difference has been measured. The display size which is 11.5×7.9×0.33 inch remains the same. Along with that, the weight and architecture of the design is also the same from the previous model which was released in 2019.

When it comes to the touchscreen then similarly, the display resolution being 2,736×1,824 still remains the same in its 3:2 ratio. However, there is a minor change that has been added and that is its sharpness. The new model touchscreen is more vibrant than before and takes the response input much faster and accurate than before.

On the same spectrum, an update with added features could rock Surface Pro 7. For instance,

Potentially upgraded HDR feature or even enhancing the color scheme gamut coverage.

What are the Useful Highlights for Surface Pro 7?

Surface Pro 7 might just be a replica of the same model that was released before but there are some key highlights that can boost its significance.

Display Screen

The Display Screen seems the same as before but with an introduction to PixelSense of 12.3-inch screen, anyone will be content with what’s seen on the screen. Even for receiving eyesights, the display screen is built comfortably so that any small thing also does not lose its pixels. So, if you are a movie fanatic, the display will surely not disappoint you at all.

Audio System

The audio quality fitted into the system produces a sweet and soothing tone. In fact, the audio quality is clear that you may not even resort to using headphones because Microsoft has surely built it with clarity.


When it comes to performance, Surface Pro 7 is built with Intel Core i7 Processor that has RAM space worth 16GB. This configuration is relatively good for some heavy use. If you work with editing or creating high-resolution images then the performance will be outstanding. In fact, the performance lag is so minimum that you can switch to apps and folders within a quick response time.

When it comes to the user interface than for a first time user, you won’t face much difficulty because the navigation is in its simplest form. And that being said, you can have Surface Pro 7 active for at least 8 to 10 hours every day. However, it is advisable to keep the brightness slightly lower than half so that you can extend the battery life.


Now, you have an idea of what Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 has to offer. Keeping those in mind, if the features interest you then get one for yourself today. However, if you already have a Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and have been facing issues with it, then you can simply refer to Microsoft Surface repair services.