Steps for Using a Reliable US Shipping Address for Canadians


One study found that about 56% of online Canadian shoppers prefer to shop from both domestic and international vendors. That said, several factors affect your decision to buy from US vendors, and one of them is the cost of shipping the goods to the customers. Thanks to US address companies, you can now have your packages delivered within the US and pick them up at your convenience.

Acquiring a US shipping address for Canadians is easy to do if you pick a reliable company. Here are the steps to find a reputable US shipping address company.

Ease of Registration

This should be your first consideration when picking a company. If the company requires too much information and the process is lengthy, then reconsider your options. Getting a US shipping address should be as easy as filling out a simple online form.


Most companies will have multiple locations to choose from. So, if you’re in Toronto, then you can select a US address in Buffalo, NY or Detroit, MI. If they have a limited number of addresses, then you may end up driving long distances to pick-up packages. And, if you are somewhere else like Singapore and planning a shipping to China then do not forget to check all the terms before you ship your parcel. You can go with a shipping consultant if you are sending your first parcel abroad.

Check Their Notification System

Check how quickly they notify you about the delivery. Usually, companies that have an automated system will notify you immediately. They will send an e-mail and a message on your mobile phone. Once the package is registered in the system, it automatically generates these notifications.

Check If They Offer Pre-Shipment Inspection

Most online vendors have a return policy that allows you to return items that do not match the description. They, however, give you a limited amount of time within which you can return the item.

Check to see if your US address company offers a service that sends pre-shipment inspection photos. This allows you to verify the item while it is still in the US. If you approve of the product, they will wait for you to pick it up. If you want to return the product, they do it for you. It saves valuable time.

Do They Have A Consolidated Drop-Off Service?

When you have multiple packages delivered to the US address, you may want to consider a consolidated drop-off service. It means that they will consolidate all your packages and drop them off to your location once a month.

Do They Send Reminders?

Your busy schedule may lead to you forgetting to pick up a package. Check if the company will send you reminders about your delivery. Also, ask them how frequent their reminders are. This is especially important when your order contains a perishable or easily damaged item.

How Long Will They Store Your Package?

You may be unable to collect your package immediately. Life is unpredictable, and you never know what keeps you from getting to your package. So, check how long they will hold on to the parcel. Even if you have to pay a little more, have a cushion when it comes to them storing your delivery. A US shipping address for Canadians is a method that has seen exponential growth with the increase in e-commerce. You, too, can take advantage of this service and shop to your heart’s content without worrying about paying high shipping costs.